Tillamook Cheese Vans Melt Into Thin Air In California

tillamook-cheese-busesMANTECA (CBS13) – Police say that the whole Tillamook Cheese Tour truck caravan was stolen from the parking lot of a Manteca hotel Saturday morning.

The trailer was parked at the Hampton Inn along Bass Pro Drive in Manteca, Manteca Police say. At some point between 12:30 and 6:30 a.m., police say, thieves took off with the whole caravan of vehicles – which not only includes a pickup truck and a trailer, but three classic Volkswagen Mini Buses.

The VW Mini Buses were in the trailer, which was attached to a Ford F-350, when the theft happened, police say. Police say that the VW Mini Buses alone are worth about $100,000 each. The buses are used as a part of Tillamook’s promotional tour, each one highlighting the company’s different cheese, yogurt and ice cream products.

It shouldn’t be too hard to spot the vehicles, as all of them are custom-painted orange with the “Tillamook” logo emblazoned on the sides. Anyone who knows where the vehicles might be is asked to call the Manteca Police Department at (209) 456-8101. The following is the vehicle’s description, along with their license plate numbers:

♦ 2008 Ford F350, Oregon License plate number Y116821
♦ Wells Cargo Trailer, Oregon License plate number TF1144
♦ 1964 VW Mini Bus, Oregon License plate number YUM4
♦ 1966 VW Mini Bus, Oregon License plate number YUM5
♦ 1959 VW Mini Bus, Oregon License plate number YUM6



Angry Teen Smears Mom’s Car with Yogurt For Breaking Bong


It was her prized piece of paraphernalia. And when the bong was shattered during a fight with her mother before school, the 17-year-old Omaha girl was not just mildly upset. No, she blew a gasket and began smearing yogurt.

The dairy disturbance on April 23 was prompted when the girl’s mother attempted to destroy the glass bong.
The girl tried to restrain her mother from damaging the marijuana accessory, according to an Omaha police report. In the tussle, it dropped and broke.

The girl fumed. She punched her mother in the stomach and threw pieces of the bong at her, according to the report. She then distributed yogurt across her mother’s sport utility vehicle, screaming as she did.

As a police officer arrested the girl, she tried to kick him in the groin. The girl, ticketed on suspicion of misdemeanor assault, was taken to Immanuel Medical Center.

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Man Caught With Yoghurt in His Pants Says He Stole it to Appease His Abusive Wife

dendairy-drinking-yoghurt_zimbabwe“I am sure your wife will beat you up even more if she discovers this offence which you committed.” – Magistrate Gideon Ruvetsa

A man from Bulilima stole yoghurt from a supermarket in Plumtree Town to appease his wife following a domestic dispute, a magistrate heard.

Learnmore Ndlovu, 34, drew laughter from the gallery when he told the court he stole the yoghurt to make peace with his wife.”Your Worship, please don’t send me to prison. I stole the yoghurt out of desperation because I have a strong fear of my wife,” he said.

“I wronged her and we had a misunderstanding. Whenever she is angry she gets violent and beats me up hence I wanted to calm her down by bringing her yoghurt but I did not have the money that is why I stole it.”

Plumtree magistrate Gideon Ruvetsa heard how on January 29 Ndlovu walked into a local supermarket and stole a 150ml bottle of yoghurt, which he hid in his underwear. He ran out of luck when a security guard manning the exit intercepted him. On searching him, the guard discovered the stolen item.

Prosecuting, Medica Tshuma said Ndlovu shot past the till point after stealing the yoghurt and proceeded to the exit door without paying. “He was intercepted by Martin Moyo, a security guard who searched him following a tip-off from one of the merchandisers leading to the recovery of the stolen bottle of yoghurt,” she said. Ndlovu was apprehended and handed over to the police.

“That was a foolish thing to do for someone of your age. It is unfortunate that the offence you committed only earns you a fine but you deserve a custodial sentence,” Ruvetsa charged.

“I am sure your wife will beat you up even more if she discovers this offence which you committed. I hope you have learnt a lesson that two wrongs do not make a right.” Ndlovu was convicted on his own plea of guilty and fined $20 fine or four days in jail.

Norwegian Olympic Skier Confesses to Stealing Yogurt in Sochi


Downhill skier Aksel Lund Svindal of Norway has a confession to make — he swiped some yogurt. Quite a bit, actually. And no, he doesn’t feel any remorse.

After days of lamenting about not having the breakfast treat up in the mountains, Svindal took matters into his own hands when he was in Sochi’s coastal cluster for the opening ceremonies, where he was a flag bearer for his nation.

While visiting the coastal village, he noticed a stash of yogurt and, well, indulged. “They have way more food. So I stole some from there,” said Svindal, who finished fourth in Sunday’s downhill race, 0.29 seconds behind winner Matthias Mayer of Austria.

Woman Gives Students Yogurt Injected with Poison


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LOUDI CITY, China, Dec. 21 (UPI) — Chinese authorities said a woman accused of delivering poisoned yogurt to an elementary school likely has a mental disorder.

The woman was arrested Friday in Hunan Province after 19 students became ill and had to be hospitalized, police in Loudi City said.

The 34-year-old suspect confessed to injecting herbicide and rat poison into the yogurt drinks, which she handed out to the kids as they walked home after classes on Wednesday, police told China’s Xinhua news agency.

Three of the children were in serious condition Friday, but doctors told Xinhua they and the other students would survive.


Woman Swings Frozen Turkey At Yogurt-Tosser in Supermarket Food Fight


Two women began exchanging punches [and] ended up rolling around on the same floor with the yogurt and bacon.

No one yelled: “FOOD FIGHT!” But, such an exclamation would have been apropos after two groups of women went at it last week near the meat counter at Woodman’s Food Market, 725 S. Gammon Rd.

A 62-year old man was on the phone with 911, trying to call the melee in, when someone chucked a full container of yogurt at his head. It just missed, and he ended up with dairy product on his ball cap as the strawberry yogurt splattered on doors to the butcher area, and onto the floor.

During the fracas, one combatant armed herself with a frozen turkey. That was swung and tossed. A palate holding eight large boxes of bacon was toppled. That happened after two women began exchanging punches. Both ended up rolling around on the same floor with the yogurt and bacon.

The fisticuffs were precipitated by one woman pulling out a canister of pepper spray. That ended up being shot into the eyes of two women. They were engaged in the faceoff with the four others.

Police stopped those who were pepper sprayed as they were about to drive away. One was cited for disorderly conduct. The other food fighters were not immediately located.

The turkey-swinging, bacon-tipping, yogurt-throwing feud evidently revolves around an ongoing dispute over money. Hopefully it can be resolved before any of those involved gather around a turkey again, which could be as soon as next week.

Yogo Truck Driver Pull Knife on Mister Softee Rival in Midtown Ice Cream Turf War

By  and rk Morales, THURSDAY, AUGUST 15, 2013, 3:08 am


Mr Softee driver.  Photo by Sam Costanza.


Yogo Driver. Photo by Sam Costanza.

The incident began when a Yogo truck pulled up near a Mister Softee rival at 50th St. and Sixth Ave. Mister Softee brought a sugar cone to a knife fight.

Two frozen treat slingers were arrested Wednesday after getting their licks in during a midtown turf war that could have become a stabbing, cops said.

The driver of a Mister Softee truck parked at 50th St. and Sixth Ave. became enraged when a Yogo truck pulled up just after 7 p.m., according to police.

The Mister Softee man ripped off the Yogo truck’s permit, and soon both drivers were squaring off, cops said. Then the Yogo driver pulled a knife, police said.

Cops arrived before either man was seriously creamed and both were arrested. They face a rocky road, with charges pending.