Vagrant Stole McDonald’s Cheeseburger Out of Man’s Hand

mcdonalds-CheeseburgerA homeless man was indicted last week by a Tazewell County grand jury for allegedly stealing a cheeseburger.

PEKIN – A homeless man was indicted last week by a Tazewell County grand jury for allegedly stealing a cheeseburger. Dennis J. Colver, 36, is charged with burglary and theft in the Aug. 15 incident. Burglary is a Class 2 felony, punishable by three to seven years in prison.

According to court records, a Pekin Hospital employee saw a man he later identified as Colver leave the hospital, reach into the front passenger side of a vehicle parked in the hospital’s entrance drive, and take a hamburger out of a passenger’s hand.

The passenger told police he was unwrapping a McDonald’s cheeseburger when a man took the food from him and walked away. Police said the driver of the vehicle and another passenger verified the story.

Colver was spotted by police at 10th Street and Broadway Road eating a cheeseburger. Police found a McDonald’s cheeseburger wrapper in his pants pocket.

Colver has been convicted on building and land trespassing charges 11 times in 2012 and 2013. Ten charges were misdemeanors. He was given jail sentences ranging from 10 to 180 days. An ordinance violation resulted in a fine.

He’s jailed on $5,000 bond on the burglary and theft charges. His next court appearance is Sept. 27.


Bloody Brawl In Rikers Island Prison Over Grilled Cheese Sandwich


In the big boy bing of Rikers Island in New York City, inmates started a bloody brawl over a grilled cheese sandwich. Sh-t is real, bruh.

The New York Daily News reports:

A wild gang fight involving as many as 50 inmates on Rikers Island went on for nearly an hour, sources said Thursday. The violent melee was triggered over a grilled cheese sandwich, a jail insider said. Members of the Trinitarians, a Dominican gang, were upset their rival Crips were not letting them use a hot plate to cook the snack.

In video of the bloody Aug. 5 brawl obtained by WABC/Ch. 7, inmates are seen tossing chairs and attacking each other with mop sticks while a group of officers looked on in horror.

One inmate also hurled hot water and several were slashed during the fight at the George R. Vierno Center on Rikers Island, according to sources.

Eleven inmates, some with serious stab wounds, and one officer, were injured during the roughly 45 minute fight. There is currently an investigation to find out why the brawl lasted so long. The fighting didn’t stop until both sides agreed to end the fracas and seek medical attention for their injured.

Man Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison For Stealing Yoghurt

Nigerian_yoghurtImage Via

The Osogbo Senior Magistrates Court on Wednesday sentenced 25-year-old Fatai Samotu to two years imprisonment for stealing yoghurt, valued at N350 [US $2.15]. Samotu, who was dragged before the court was sentenced after he pleaded guilty to charges of stealing and unlawful entry.

The offences, the Police Prosecutor, Mr. Joshua Oladoye, said were committed on November 20 at Omo-West and Balogun areas of Osogbo, where Samotu stole the yoghurt and two telephone handsets.

“Samotu entered the house of one Kabiru Anibaba through the window with the aid of a long stick and took away one yoghurt valued at N350 and one GSM handset valued N4,500. He proceeded into the house of one Adebayo Adeyeye using the same trick and stole another GSM handset valued N3,500. The offences are punishable under Sections 412 and 319 of the Criminal Code Cap 34, Vol 11, Laws of Osun 2003, the police officer informed the court.

The Counsel to the convict, Mr. Amechi Ugwu, pleaded for leniency on behalf of his client before Senior Magistrate Olusola Aluko, convicted and sentenced Samotu to two years imprisonment, on each of the three count-charge.

The court, however, gave the convict an option of N15,000 fine [US $92.34]. Aluko said, ‘The convict is, however, given an option of N5, 000 on each of the three charges, sentence is concurrent while the fine is cumulative.’


Convictions and €23 Million Fine in Adulterated Butter Case

Shea_Butter_in_bowlImage Via

Brussels — The Magistrates Court in Créteil (France) has imposed suspended prison sentences on the managers of a dairy company found guilty of selling products manufactured using adulterated butter. The defendants will also have to pay back over €23 million in unlawfully obtained European subsidies.

The judgment is the result of an international investigation in which the European Anti Fraud Office (OLAF) has played an active part, providing back-up for national investigations in France, Italy, Belgium and Germany.

The aim of the investigations was to uncover and prosecute offences involving the production and distribution of adulterated butter on the European market. The Director-General of OLAF, Franz-Hermann Brüner commented “it … shows that OLAF’s work cannot always be expected to bring results overnight. The facts put before the court date back to the end of the 1990s and OLAF provided back-up for the investigations conducted by the national authorities in four Member States for a number of years.”

On 22 November 2007 the Créteil Magistrates Court sentenced the defendants to eight months’ and five months’ imprisonment respectively for selling goods under false pretences [i.e. products which should not have been designated as butter]. However, the Court acquitted the defendants of the charge of offence of conspiracy to defraud, which involved adulterated industrial butter bought at the end of the 1990s by French firms from Italian companies with links to the world of organised crime.

OLAF operations in the adulterated butter case [included] the Serious Financial Crime Office of the French Judicial Police (Office de Répression de la Grande Délinquance Financière de la Police Judiciaire française), the Naples Prosecutor’s Office and the Guardia di Finanza (the Italian Revenue Police). Criminal proceedings are currently pending in Italy (Naples) and Belgium (Verviers and Veurne). The German authorities have not opened criminal proceedings but have recovered Community subsidies totalling €150 000.