‘Swiss Cheese Pervert’ is Back and Facing More Charges


While the cheese may stand alone, the “Swiss Cheese Pervert’s” alleged victims are standing together.After Christopher Pagano, 41, made headlines in January for driving around Mayfair and exposing his penis to three women while he asked them to pleasure him with Swiss cheese, a fourth victim came forward to police on her own accord, said the Philadelphia District Attorney’s Office.

Already charged with three counts each of stalking, indecent exposure, harassment and open lewdness for his previous three victims, Pagano was recently charged with all those counts again for the fourth victim, said the District Attorney’s Office. In total, Pagano is facing 20 counts, said Tasha Jamerson, spokeswoman for the District Attorney’s Office.

Prosecutors did not release the details of the fourth incident, except to say Pagano’s “harassment included using processed cheese when he approached the victims.” Jamerson said the latest incident happened in January. That means Pagano either had to do it in the 10 days before his fetish hit the news, or he continued to conduct these lewd acts against women during the week-long manhunt for his arrest.

Pagano turned himself in on the latest charges and remains free on 10 percent of $90,000 bail. His next court date is slated for April’s Fools Day. Seriously.


McDonald’s Worker Caught Selling Heroin in Happy Meals


PITTSBURGH — An employee of a McDonald’s restaurant was charged Wednesday with selling heroin in Happy Meals to customers using the coded request, “I’d like to order a toy.” Allegheny County authorities made the arrest after an informant told them that an employee was selling the drug at a McDonald’s in the East Liberty section of the city.

Customers looking for heroin were instructed to go through the drive-through window and say, “I’d like to order a toy,” said Mike Manko, spokesman for District Attorney Stephen A. Zappala Jr. The customer would then drive to the window, hand over the money and get a Happy Meal box containing heroin in exchange, Manko said.

Undercover agents set up a drug buy and arrested Shania Dennis, 26, of East Pittsburgh. Dennis denied wrongdoing to reporters as she was being led away in handcuffs. Authorities said they found 10 bags of heroin in a Happy Meal box and recovered another 50 bags from the suspect.

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‘Swiss Cheese Pervert’ Arrested by Cops



Goes crackers over cheese! Christopher Pagano of Norristown busted for holding up block of cheese and exposing himself. Pagano, who was previously arrested twice for soliciting a prostitute, was released on bail. Family friends tell The Daily News that the man was always weird.

Police have stuck a fork in this dairy deviant. The so-called “Swiss Cheese Pervert” was nabbed by Philadelphia police at his home in Norristown, capping an extensive hunt for the cheese creep who exposed himself while wielding the food item, according to reports.

Christopher Pagano, 41, was unceremoniously led out of his home on Noble St. by police with their guns drawn Thursday afternoon. Pagano faces a slew of charges including stalking, indecent exposure and harassment, according to Philadelphia police.

“Police identified Christopher Pagano through their intense investigation efforts and interviews conducted with victims by SVU investigators,” police spokeswoman Christine O’Brien said in a statement. The portly pervert posted bail Friday morning and is back on the street, NBC Philadelphia reported.

“He was always a little off,” family friend Dorothy Kendall, 79, told the Daily News. “Christopher was always kind of strange. I don’t think he was real smart.”

Pagano’s struggles to stay in shape may have transferred to his now-infamous food fetish, Kendall mused. “He had a problem overeating. He was always overweight,” she said. “Using a piece of cheese? I just can’t imagine that.”

A reporter from Philadelphia magazine asked Pagano last Saturday — several days before his arrest — whether or not he was the abnormal assailant. “I don’t know what you’re talking about,” a shirtless Pagano told PhillyMag. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Sometimes people confuse me with somebody else.”

Pagano’s neighbors told NBC Philadelphia that the pasteurized perv walked around half-naked and occassionally carried a gun. “He was a weirdo,” neighbor Rae Dean told the station. “He used to come outside in his underwear with no shirt.”

Pagano was busted in 2006 and 2009 for soliciting a prostitute, but both times the charges were dropped. Local detectives told PhillyMag they recalled the man prodding prostitutes to perform sex acts involving cheese.

“And I believe cheese was on the menu, but I’m not completely sure. If my memory serves me, it was Swiss.” Norristown Police detective James Angelucci, who worked both cases told the publication. Norristown police did not immediately return requests for comment on Friday morning.

Pagano terrorized women in the Mayfair section of Philadelphia, propositioning women to rub the cheese on his crotch. Several women came forward to recount their curdling encounter with Pagano, who was cruising around the neighborhood in a car looking for victims.

The local neighborhood watch posted a damning photo of the overweight man holding up the slice of Swiss last week. “We are glad that we were able to assist the Philadelphia Police Department in taking a sexual predator off the streets of Philadelphia,” the Mayfair Town Watch wrote on its Facebook page.

One woman, only identified as Priscilla, told NBC Philadelphia that the creep pulled up in a car next to her and flashed the dairy product. She quickly drove away horrified when she realized he had exposed himself.

Naturally, a spoof Twitter account, @Swisscheeseperv, quickly popped up to poke fun at Pagano’s fondue fetish. Pagano could not immediately be reached for comment.

Police Search for Alleged “Swiss Cheese Pervert”


Philadelphia Police are searching for an alleged “swiss cheese pervert.” On Thursday, the Mayfair Town Watch posted a photo of the suspect on their Facebook page. According to the Town Watch, the man is driving around several neighborhoods and exposing himself to women while offering them money to “watch him put swiss cheese on his privates.”

The Town Watch describes the suspect as a heavy-set white male between the ages of 40 and 50. They also say he is driving a newer model silver sedan but has also been spotted in a black model sedan.

NBC10 contacted the Special Victim’s Unit who confirmed the Town Watch’s report. A spokesperson says they are currently investigating and looking for victims. If you have any information on the suspect, please call the Special Victims Unit at 215-685-3251.

Shoplifter Vows to Kill Cops Over $7.27 in Stolen Gum and Yogurt

Chobani_Yogurt_PyramidImage Via

‘It’s going to take more than three of you to take me down. I’ll take your gun and kill all of you,’ the accused allegedly told police.

A Bethlehem man who allegedly shoplifted two containers of yogurt and a pack of gum at a South Side convenience store got into a fight with police when he refused to leave, according to court records.

Jarrod Matthew Fenner, 27, of 554 Carlton Ave. punched a police officer in the left leg and kneed him in the right leg after officers took him to the floor in the Pantry One market at 25 E. Morton St. early Thursday morning.

“It’s going to take more than three of you to take me down. I’ll take your gun and kill all of you,” Fenner told police during the struggle, according to the arrest affidavit.

Police responded to the store at a little after 5 a.m. on a report of a disturbance. A store employee told police that she saw Fenner put two containers of Chobani yogurt and a pack of Trident gum down the front of his pants, the affidavit said. The three stolen items were valued at $7.27, police said.

When the employee confronted Fenner, he started yelling that he would shoot the cops if they came to the store, the affidavit said. Fenner was charged with aggravated assault, simple assault, resisting arrest, terroristic threats, disorderly conduct, retail theft and harassment.

He was arraigned before on-duty District Judge David Tidd of Lower Saucon Township and committed to county prison in lieu of $30,000 bail.


Cheese-in-the-Shorts Shoplifter Loses Appeal of Prison Sentence

A Schuylkill County man who tried to shoplift a block of cheese by shoving it down his shorts has had his prison sentence upheld by the state Superior Court. Randy J. Ratliff, 43, of Pottstown, had tried, in vain, to convince the court to void the 7-month to 2-year prison term he received for the crime.

Ratliff executed the cheese caper at the Redner’s grocery store in Shenandoah on July 20, 2012, according to court records. He stuck the cheese in the waistband of his shorts, not knowing a store security officer was watching him.

Ratliff then picked up some other items in the store and was walking to the checkout counter when the cheese fell out of his shorts. He ran from the store without paying for about $15 in merchandise.

Shenandoah Borough police charged him with felony retail theft. On appeal, Ratliff contended that the felony grading of his case was illegal because he had not been notified that he would be so severely charged because he was a repeat offender.

Court records show that Ratliff has been the subject of about a dozen criminal prosecutions for various crimes in the county since 1994. In denying his appeal this week, the Superior Court found that prosecutors properly informed Ratliff that he was facing a felony count for the cheese theft because of his criminal record.

A county jury convicted Ratliff in the cheese case during a trial in April. He is serving his sentence in the state prison at Camp Hill.


Man Attempts to Steal Sour Cream and Doritos

Guess he just wanted some chips and dip.

A man was arrested on Sept. 19, at the SuperFresh after he tried to steal a container of sour cream and a bag of Doritos.

The manager of the store told police that the man tried to leave the store with the items, but he was stopped by store personnel.

The man was arrested and the merchandise was recovered.