New Jersey Police Looking for ‘Devil’ Dairy Queen Robber


NEW JERSEY (MYFOXNY.COM) – Did the devil make him do it? The New Jersey State Police are looking the public’s help with identifying a person who robbed a Montague Twp. Dairy Queen wearing a horned devil mask.

Police say it happened about 10:30 p.m. on July 11. Police say the masked man was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt with the hood up, black baggy sweatpants, and grey cloth gloves with rubber palm.

He walked into the Dairy Queen with a handgun and demanded money. Prior to running away, he hit an employee in the forearm.

It is believed that this suspect committed a similar armed robbery on the same day at the Days Inn in Deer Park, N.Y. Anyone with information is asked to contact the NJ State Police at (973) 383-1514.


Razor Blades Found in Kerrygold Butter Sticks from New Jersey Supermarket

bildeRazor blades were found in two sticks of foil-wrapped Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter, but they were the only incidents discovered in a food-tampering investigation that has been isolated to one Best Market store, police said. The makers of the premium-priced butter, the Irish Dairy Board, called it an “isolated incident” in a statement.

The razor blades were discovered after the purchases were made from the Holmdel store, said Or Raitses, vice president and general counsel for the chain of 18 stores in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. The tampered butter was purchased Monday and previously on Jan. 20, according to Holmdel Police Lt. Michael Pigott, a spokesman for the township police department. The food-tampering case is being investigated by Holmdel Police, Food and Drug Administration, Best Markets and the Irish Dairy Board, Raitses said.

Kerrygold was removed from the shelves at the Holmdel store but not from other Best Market stores, he said. However, all products have been carefully examined. Authorities are reviewing security footage from store surveillance cameras. Kerrygold is packaged in an aluminum wrapper and it is not encased in an outer cardboard box, such as cream cheese, which is also wrapped in foil.

“This appears to be an isolated incident involving one Best Market store,” said Mike Grossman, spokesman for the Irish Dairy Board. “We do not believe this tampering incident occurred during the manufacturing or packaging of our product. We have launched an investigation into this incident and are working with the authorities.”

“We are fully committed to the safety of customers and team members,” Raitses said. “We were shocked to hear about this and immediately had company vice president at the store to inspect every package. “Any customers with concerns about any product can return it to the store for replacement or full refund,” Raitses said.

If anyone has had a similar incident or additional information they should contact Detective Andrew Kret of the Holmdel Township Police Department at 732-946-4400 ext. 1713. “We are fully cooperating with all law enforcement agencies,” Raitses said. “We helped them out as much as we can.”

Authorities Raid Englewood Cliffs Home, Smash $100,000 Milk Crate Theft Ring

By Jerry DeMarco,  November 24, 2013


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A ring that stole and recycled more than $100,000 worth of plastic milk crates was smashed when investigators raided an Englewood Cliffs home and two Fairfield business addresses while arresting a Hackensack man and seven Passaic County associates, authorities said today.

“The operators use stolen crates, reconfigure them and resell them for profit,’’ said Essex County Assistant Prosecutor Nicole Buermann, whose office lead the investigation. “Industry experts say these thefts cost stores millions annually.

Investigators recovered plastic totes and soda pallets stolen from Rite Aid, CVS, Pepsi, Walgreens – even the U.S. Postal Service – all marked with the rightful owner’s company name and a warning against their unauthorized use or theft.

All were seized at a pair of Fairfield facilities operated by a company called Farmplast. Both received the stolen items around the clock from a crew of thieves who operated in New York and New Jersey, Essex authorities said.

Fairfield police had secured the facilities after the search warrants were executed, in fact, when four separate trucks filled with stolen totes pulled up.

Arrested and charged with receiving stolen property were Alfredo DeDios, 53, of Hackensack, Richard Ferreria, 32, of Haledon, and six Paterson men: Armando DeDios, 29, Fernando Marzan, 20, Elvis Fermin, 20, Luis Hernandez, 24, Michael Malave, 19 and Victor Tejada Jr. Additional charges are expected.


New Jersey Man Arrested for Shoplifting After Eating Cheesecake in Supermarket Restroom

Strawberry_Cheesecake_SliceVINELAND — Police arrested a man on Friday for shoplifting after he ate a cheesecake in a men’s restroom, according to authorities.

A ShopRite Loss Prevention employee first noticed Marcos Rodriguez, 21, of 7th Street, enter the restroom carrying a cheesecake from the store. Rodriguez later exited the restroom without the cheesecake.

According to authorities, the food packaging was found in the restroom and Rodriguez admitted to store employees to eating the cheesecake. Police arrested him for shoplifting, for which he was processed and released on a summons.

Nacho Average Crime: Man Steals 21 Tons of Muenster Cheese



It was definitely nacho average crime. The cheesy hot goods were produced by K&K Cheese of Cashton, WI with milk from Amish dairies.

They were valued at valued at $200,000, which is a whole lot of cheddar … The suspect is said to have faked paperwork to move the cheese. From a local TV news report:

New Jersey authorities say Balika was preparing to sell the cheese for well under market value to retailers on the east coast.”There’s a black market for everything,” said [Jersey State Police Detective 1 Oliver] Sissman. “We’ve seen everything stolen. We’ve found stolen beer, stolen food, stolen machine parts, but this is the first time, we’ve found stolen cheese. “When I looked inside and saw stolen cheese, I thought, of course it’s from Wisconsin,” said Sissman.

Thanks to the gouda work of New Jersey’s finest, the public can rest easy knowing the criminal will be brie-hind bars. He’ll have to tread very Caerphilly in the future.

Cook Seeking Revenge Serves Cop Bagel Filled With Turkey, Egg, Cheese and Hair


Cook Ryan Burke, 27, spent time in jail and on probation for serving up a disgusting sandwich to the police officer responsible for his 2009 traffic stop.

A New Jersey police officer won almost $14,000 for being served a bagel stuffed with pubic hair by a vengeful deli worker.

Officer Jeremy Merck’s civil suit victory follows a short jail term and probation for 27-year-old cook Ryan Burke, the Burlington County Times reported.

Burke, a former sandwich slinger for Good Foods to Go in Evesham, confessed in 2010 to putting his body hair in Merck’s turkey, egg and cheese bagel in retaliation for a 2009 traffic stop. Merck did not make the disgusting discovery until he had already bitten into the sandwich.

Burke was immediately fired and arrested on charges of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and retaliation against a public official. He spent 15 days in jail, but Merck felt that wasn’t enough, according to his lawyer.

“The officer felt strongly that the disposition of the criminal prosecution against Ryan Burke insufficiently resolved the issue of his conduct,” attorney Bruce Zamost explained. “His motivation was, and always has been, to send a message to any person who would entertain the idea of seeking retribution against public officials.”

The civil suit was dismissed when the two parties settled for $13,750, lawyers said Friday.

Zamost said the case demonstrated a general lack of respect for public servants. “There’s nothing wrong with questioning authority, but there are mechanisms in a civilized society to do so,” he said.

N.J. Ice Cream Man Accused of Stabbing Self, Blaming Rival


NEW JERSEY — Police say a nasty turf battle between two ice cream vendors in New Jersey went too far Wednesday. One of the vendors is accused of trying to frame his biggest rival by pretending he was attacked.

The incident happened in the town of Fair Lawn. This guy didn’t just make up some soft serve allegations, he went for a phony felony. And people who saw the two drivers going at it say they’re going to be satisfying their sweet tooth at a store this summer.+

It’s not unusual for kids to gravitate to the ice cream man, but when youngsters saw Nabil Abdallah behind the wheel of his truck, they didn’t exactly come running. “He seemed kind of dangerous,” a little girl said. The girl and her twin brother say they were more scared after the saw two cone-slingers fighting on the street.

“The guy was yelling at him because he was on the same street as him,” A.J. Shah said. “He was yelling, so the other guy started yelling back.”

But not satisfied with a yelling match, police say Abdallah whipped up a batch of lies, claiming the rival popsicle pusher slashed him with a box cutter, even going so far as to cut up his own arm to feign injury.

“He alleged in a 911 phone call to our headquarters that he was stabbed with a razor knife and the [attacker] fled the scene,” Fair Lawn police captain Anthony Serrao said. “After interviewing the victim, it had been determined that he made the story up.”

After being arraigned, the Abdallah’s son defended him.

Son: “They’re making it up.”
Nina: “He really was stabbed?
Son: “Whatever he says.”

But police allege otherwise, and don’t see any good humor in this ongoing dispute. “I think it’s now more personal than ice cream,” Serrao said. “I think they pass each other at some point … and gave each other the finger.”