Man Faces Felony Charges After Assaulting His Mother With Whipped Cream


A 37-year-old Hood County [Texas] man was arrested Saturday, accused of spraying a container of whipping cream, which contained alcohol, in the eyes of his mother during a disturbance, according to Sheriff’s Office Lieutenant Johnny Rose.

The victim is 67 years of age, so the act resulted in a felony charge of injury to an elderly person being filed against Justin Walker Gatewood, of the 4700 block of Stoney Creek Drive, Rose said. She refused medical treatment, Rose noted.

Rose noted that Gatewood had been acting irrationally, stated Rose, adding, “Gatewood was also found to be in possession of under 2 ounces of K2, which might explain his odd behavior.”

K2 is a generic term for substances generally sold as incense that can be smoked and are generally classified as synthetic marijuana. Some types of K2 reportedly have caused users to experience hallucinations and other harmful side effects. The sale and use of such products were made illegal in the state of Texas a couple of years ago.

Gatewood’s bond on the third-degree felony was set at $15,000, and he was still in the Hood County Jail as of press time. He also is facing a $1,500 bond on the Class B misdemeanor count of possession of a controlled substance, Penalty Group 2.



Market Manager Attacked By Whipped Cream Huffer in a Huff


FALMOUTH — A 29-year-old East Falmouth woman was ordered held on $1,000 bail Thursday on charges she threw a can of whipped cream at a Stop & Shop employee who was trying to prevent her from shoplifting.

Amber Wayman, of Homestead Lane, pleaded not guilty at her arraignment to charges of assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, shoplifting and disorderly conduct, stemming from the Jan. 5 incident at the Route 28 supermarket.

The store manager accused Wayman of stealing hundreds of dollars worth of groceries in the past year and regularly inhaling gas from inside whipped cream containers, according to police.

When the manager tried to stop Wayman at the exit door, police said she began to curse at him and threw the can of whipped cream. The can nearly hit the manager, whom Wayman allegedly pushed in the chest before running out of the store, police said.

Wayman is scheduled to return to Falmouth District Court for a Feb. 20 pretrial hearing, according to court records.

Montreal Restaurants Clash Over Stolen Poutine Recipe

CBC News, Dec 12, 2013 11:39 AM ET


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Planète Poutine et Cie owner claims L’Univers de la Poutine stole the idea for his signature dish featuring fried potatoes, hot sauce, mozzarella, and sour cream.

The owner of a Trois-Rivières poutine restaurant is threatening legal action because he says a competitor stole his name and copied his menu.

The owner of the restaurant chain Planète Poutine et Cie, Yves Junior Boissonneault, is unhappy a competitor opened its doors across the bridge in Trois-Rivières​ and called itself L’Univers de la Poutine — The Poutine Universe.

Yesterday, Boissonneault gave L’Univers de la Poutine five business days to change its name before he started legal proceedings.

Boissonneault claims that not only did his competitor copy his restaurant’s name, but people from L’Univers de la Poutine filmed inside his restaurant and started serving the same menu items.

Boissonneault is particularly upset that his competitor is serving a dish made from chicken wing sauce, mozzarella cheese and sour cream — a delicacy he says he invented.

“If someone started a restaurant and served its own poutine, it wouldn’t bother me. But to copy and serve poutine with the same ingredients, I can’t accept that,” said Boissonneault. Boissonneault is demanding his competitor change his menu and his name, or he’ll take him to court.

But L’Univers de la Poutine owner Alain Laflamme says that’s not going to happen. Laflamme says anyone can sell poutine and that Boissoneault shouldn’t worry because the restaurants are too far apart to compete. About five kilometres and a bridge crossing separate the two. “The people of Trois-Rivières do not cross the bridge. I didn’t even think we could compete with him,” said Laflamme.

Planète Poutine et Cie​ opened Trois-Rivières in February 2012 and was featured on Radio-Canada’s Dans l’œil du dragon, a television show that features aspiring entrepreneurs hoping to receive financing for their business ideas. They plan to open 14 restaurants by April 2014.


Erotic ‘Spas’ Offer Kinky Cream Cheese Massage

Nov 05, 2013 12:54AM


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Malaysian “spas” are dispensing with massage oil in favour of cream cheese in a kinky new offering in the country’s bustling erotic massage industry.

The weekend edition of the Malay-language Harian Metro said reporters from the tabloid discovered that some spas near the capital Kuala Lumpur were offering customers the option of being smeared with cream cheese.

The cheese is then licked from the customer’s body by their scantily-clad “masseuse”, usually a likely sex worker from China, Indonesia or Vietnam, the paper said on Sunday in what it billed as an investigative report on the sex industry.

Prostitution is illegal in predominantly Muslim Malaysia, where conservative attitudes toward sex prevail.

But the country’s media regularly portray a thriving sex industry involving prostitutes from China, Vietnam, Thailand and other less-developed countries in the region, and often disguised as massage operations.

In a follow-up report on Monday, Harian Metro quoted an official in the Kuala Lumpur suburb Subang Jaya, where a spa was reportedly offering the cheese treatment, as saying massage parlours would face stern action if found to be offering “irresponsible activities”.

“This activity is a serious disease in today’s society,” said Subang Jaya town council official Azfarizal Abdul Rashid.

Most Malaysians are relatively conservative Muslim ethnic Malays but the country also has sizable ethnic Chinese and Indian communities. Police raids on prostitution operations are a staple of tabloids, but authorities are widely viewed to generally turn a blind eye to the industry’s activities.


Man Attempts to Steal Sour Cream and Doritos

Guess he just wanted some chips and dip.

A man was arrested on Sept. 19, at the SuperFresh after he tried to steal a container of sour cream and a bag of Doritos.

The manager of the store told police that the man tried to leave the store with the items, but he was stopped by store personnel.

The man was arrested and the merchandise was recovered.

Starbucks Barista Accused of Attacking Woman With Whipped Cream


A barista is facing a possible assault charge after he allegedly sprayed whipped cream on a customer at a Starbucks drive-thru, San Bernardino County Sheriff’s officials said.

Justin Vazquez, 23, of Victorville, was arrested during his shift at the Starbucks in Adelanto near the intersection of Highway 395 and Palmdale Road on July 14.

A woman told deputies that she was going through the drive-thru to get her family drinks and that Vazquez, who was taking her order, was being condescending and sarcastic because she did not know the exact names of the drinks.

The customer stated that after she paid for the drinks, Vazquez scolded her about the names “for future reference.” According to a sheriff’s report, she told Vazquez that it would not be necessary to learn the names because she would never return to the location. He replied that “he didn’t need people like her coming here to Starbucks,” according to the woman.

Vazquez told deputies that the woman became angry and used a gay slur directed at him.

Witnesses told deputies that Vazquez grabbed a whipped cream gun and squirted whipped cream all over the woman’s face and the inside her car.

The sheriff’s report stated the victim’s face, shoulder and the side of her car were covered in whipped cream. Deputies arrived and later arrested the barista, who admitted to squirting the whipped cream because, he said, the victim was rude and called him a malicious name.

The woman signed a citizen’s arrest form and Vazquez was booked into the Victor Valley jail on suspicion of assault, Victor Valley Sheriff’s Station spokeswoman Staci Johnson said.

Vazquez was cited and released awaiting a preliminary court date of Nov. 18 while the case was submitted to the District Attorney’s office for review, Johnson said. Court records showed no charges filed against Vazquez as of Friday afternoon.

Love Gone Sour: Woman Threw Sour Cream at Cheating Husband


SPRING HILL -A woman accused of throwing sour cream at her husband during a domestic dispute Saturday afternoon was jailed on a charge of domestic battery.
Grettel G. Granda, 48, of 8190 Sealawn Drive in Spring Hill, had been arguing with her husband for days after he admitted to having an affair with another woman, according to the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office.As the argument escalated Saturday, the suspect threw sour cream on the victim and smacked him several times, deputies said. Granda also was putting her husband’s belongings outside during her tirade, according to an arrest affidavit.

The altercation was witnessed by the couple’s two children, deputies said. Granda was booked at the Hernando County Jail and held without bond.