Clarabelle the Hijacked Holstein is Returned to Chesapeake Bay Farms Home


Stolen cow statue recovered from dairy farm: The life-sized, custom-made fiberglass cow was stolen from Chesapeake Bay Farms. It was recovered less than 24 hours later, on another property down the street.

POCOMOKE CITY — Call it a case of bovine intervention.

A Worcester County family had its life-size cow statue returned after it was stolen late Wednesday from their Pocomoke City farm.

Chesapeake Bay Farms owners Danny and Laura Holland installed the full-size fiberglass Holstein they call Clarabelle last spring. The custom-made statue is a landmark to help people find the dairy farm. They’ll even tell customers over the phone to “drive until you see the cow.”

“When we put it out there, we expected at some point that some teenagers would take it, because it’s tempting,” Laura Holland said. “We staked it down with a lot of wires.”

The Hollands noticed it had gone missing when a customer mentioned it to them, and found the wires holding Clarabelle in place had been cut. “So somebody went to a lot of trouble to steal it,” Laura added. “It’s big, it’s bulky. It’s as big as a full-size cow. If you saw it standing in the field, you’d think it was a real cow. It probably took two or three people. They must have put it in a pickup in the middle of the night.”

Police reportedly located the stolen statue standing in a flower bed on property just down the road from their Whitesburg Road farm.

Chesapeake Bay Farms is the only dairy farm in Worcester County. The family calls its creamery the only “cow-to-cone” facility in the area for ice cream production. The dairy also processes fresh cheese, milk and butter from its herd of 250 cows.

This Holstein hijacking was bad enough, but Laura Holland said it doesn’t top another livestock looting that once happened on their property.­“About 10 years ago we had 21 real cows stolen, so in the grand scheme of things, this is nothing,” she said with a laugh.


Man Busted After Trying To Sell Stolen Chick-Fil-A Cow Costumes on Craigslist


Redlands police recovered two stolen cow costumes as part of an undercover operation. The two 7-foot-tall bovine costumes were stolen in separate thefts from a Redlands Chick-fil-A storage facility earlier this year, according to police spokesman Carl Baker. He said the costumes were valued at $2,800 each.

Last week, an officer spotted one of the costumes for sale on the Craigslist web site and contacted the seller. “When the seller told the officer that he had two for sale for $350 apiece, the officer replied that it would make the perfect his-and-hers costumes for him and his wife,” Baker wrote in an email.

Police met Robert Michael Trytten, 43, of Riverside, on Oct. 30 at a San Bernardino apartment complex in the 2600 block of East Highland Avenue, police said. Baker said Trytten denied stealing the costumes.

He was arrested, charged with possession of stolen property and taken to Central Detention Center in San Bernardino, where he is being held on $275,000 bail, according to online booking records. Trytten is due in court Tuesday.

Iowa State Fair Butter Cow Doused With Fake Blood by Vegan Activists

Butter Cow Damaged

Vegan activists covered the Iowa State Fair’s famous butter cow with fake blood (red paint) early Sunday morning. But worry not: the butter cow, which has been a fair tradition since 1911, was quickly repaired, with more butter, and was ready for display again by Monday morning.

“The butter cow is fine,” Lori Chappell, the marketing director at the state fair told the Des Moines Register. “No one was hurt; no one was injured. It’s sad, because the butter cow is iconic of the Iowa State Fair.”

Iowans for Animal Liberation released a statement Sunday night claiming responsibility for the attack, which also included writing “Freedom for all” across the butter cow’s display window.

“The paint represents the blood of 11 billion animals murdered each year in slaughterhouses, egg farms, and dairies,” the group said in the statement.


“We intend this action to serve as a wake up call to all who continue to consume meat, dairy, eggs, leather, and all animal products: You are directly supporting suffering and misery on the largest scale the world has ever known.”

Butter sculptor Sarah Pratt told the Des Moines Register she received a call at 4 a.m. on Sunday, notifying her that the cow had been vandalized. Pratt and her team quickly went to work. “We didn’t miss a beat,” she told the paper as she put the finishing touches on the cow Monday morning.

News of the attack reached Chuck Grassley, the Republican Senator from Iowa. Grassley described the butter cow to the Des Moines Register as “emblematic of the greatness of the fair.”

“I think to the people who did the distressing of the whole fun at the fair, two words: Get real,” Grassley said.

Man in Cow Suit Steals Milk From Walmart, is Arrested in McDonald’s

Adult-Cow-Mascot-Costume-largeThe cow entered the Walmart on all fours about 10:35 p.m. Tuesday night. And though you’d think cows might already have access to milk, this one snatched 26 gallons of the stuff, nudged a cart outside of the Walmart and started trying to give it away.

The cow then fled on hoof and escaped. And in the final irony, he was captured a short time later outside a hamburger restaurant.

This all happened in the Garrisonville area of Stafford County, just south of the Quantico marine base, at the Walmart on Garrisonville Road. And the suspect was not a cow, but allegedly an 18-year-old Stafford man in a cow suit, according to Bill Kennedy, the spokesman for the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office.

Kennedy said witnesses watched the cow-man enter the store on all fours, and then watched again as he pushed a full cart outside. He said there were no takers for the offer of free milk directly from a cow.

The $92 worth of stolen milk was then abandoned in front of the store, and the cow-man then raised up on two feet and “was last seen skipping down the sidewalk by an employee,” Kennedy said. There is, unfortunately, no surveillance video of any of this.

A sheriff’s deputy arrived soon to investigate, but the suspect was gone. As the deputy was wrapping up his probe, Kennedy said, he was called to a nearby McDonald’s for a reported disturbance.

The cow was not stirring up any trouble at the burger joint or attempting any mischief involving cow meat, Kennedy said. But there was a man sitting in the back seat of a car next to a cow suit, and after some questioning, deputies determined the man was the suspect in the earlier Walmart heist, Kennedy said.

Jonathan Payton, 18, was charged in a misdemeanor summons with shoplifting and was released, Kennedy said. “I suspect it was a prank that went too far,” Kennedy said. “It would have been funny if he hadn’t taken the milk.” first broke this story, declaring it “udderly shocking.”

Longtime readers of this blog will note that Stafford County is strictly outside the boundaries of the State of NoVa, which reach to the southern border of Prince William County. Though such a bovine bust would never happen in the civilized lands of Northern Virginia, Kennedy noted that in Stafford, “this is our first incident of a cow shoplifter.”

Woman in Cow Costume Arrested After Urinating on Neighbor’s Porch


MIDDLETOWN, Ohio — Major Mark Hoffman, with Middletown, Ohio Police, said Michelle Allen threatened police and urinated on a neighbor’s front porch.

Police say Allen was arrested for causing traffic problems, chasing kids in her neighborhood and not complying with police when they told her to return home. The police report stated officials could smell alcohol on her breath and her words were slurred.

Allen pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and was sentenced to a month in jail. Hoffman says while Allen was in court, she challenged people to “suck her udders.” No information has been released as to why she was wearing the cow costume.

Allen has been arrested over 50 times on charges ranging from theft to prostitution.