Woman Discovers Swastika on McDonald’s Bun


A woman said she found a swastika burned with butter onto a bun of a McDonald’s chicken sandwich, according to various media organizations.

Charleigh Matice ordered the sandwich at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Morehead City, N.C., last week, ABC News reported. “Is this a joke? Does somebody really think they’re funny?” Matice told WCTI.com.

In a statement e-mailed to USA TODAY Network on Monday evening, the McDonald’s local owner apologized for the incident and said the employee involved had been fired.

“We are very sorry for the service that our customers received, and to be clear we have terminated the employee who was involved,” said Dulcy Purcell, McDonald’s operator in Morehead City. “We do not tolerate that kind of behavior at McDonald’s, and it’s not what we stand for personally as owners.”

Initial efforts to reach Matice for comment have proved unsuccessful.


Easter Butter Lamb Gets ‘Pardon’ From New York Politician


There’s at least one butter lamb in Buffalo that won’t be going under the knife this Easter.

Butter sculptures in the shape of a lamb are a traditional part of Easter meals among Buffalo’s large Polish-American population. Butter lambs are sold this time of year at western New York delis, Polish markets and supermarkets.

On Wednesday, an elected official went to Buffalo’s Broadway Market to “pardon” a butter lamb, much in the way U.S. presidents issue pardons for a turkey before Thanksgiving.

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz pardoned a butter lamb from its traditional duties on tables throughout the Buffalo area for the duration of Easter. Polish immigrants brought the butter lamb tradition with them when they came to America and settled in large numbers in upstate New York cities such as Buffalo and Schenectady.


Butterball Buried in Bog Found to be 1,000 Years Old

Pictured: Brendan, Jack and Martin Shannon with Colin Fawcett (taking samples from the butterball) and two unnamed students from the University of Ulster.

Butter making has been going on in Fermanagh, Northern Ireland, for at least a millenium and that’s now official. The Fermanagh County Museum in Enniskillen has announced that a 35 lb block of butter, found by Mr Jack Shannon over 30 years ago while he was turf cutting at Carrownagiltagh, near Tempo, was made more than a 1,000 years ago.

A Carbon 14 date test, which was carried out by the Chrono Centre at Queens University of Belfast, dates the ‘bog butter’ to approximately 1030 to 1150AD.

Jack Shannon recalls how he had unearthed his find. “I was cutting turf with my two sons and noticed this white thing sticking out of the side of the turf bank. More out of luck than good guidance, my turf spade never touched or damaged it. Finding it was just remarkable, and I donated it to the museum to make sure it stayed within the county.”

Sarah McHugh, Manager of Fermanagh County Museum Service said: “These results help us to build a picture of agriculture and butter-making in the distant past and to understand that the local custom of butter-making has a much longer history than most people realise.

“Knowing that it dates to a time when Ireland was Christian, it is very likely that this piece of butter was buried in the bog near Tempo to preserve it for consumption in the winter months. Why it was never dug up again remains a mystery.”

She reported that the ‘Tempo bog butter’ is now greyish-white in colour with a texture like candle-wax  – it apparently tastes a bit like soap and smells of cheese.

Assault and Buttery: Wife is Accused of Injuring Husband with Toast and Butter


A wife has been accused of assaulting her husband with toast and butter.

A court heard Julie Evans first poured water over her husband James when he fell asleep on the sofa after she asked him to do chores. And the row is alleged to have escalated at breakfast the next morning.

Prosecutor Theresa Perry said: “She started an argument and threw her toast at him. He left as he felt she was being petty, but she grabbed a handful of butter and smeared it on his face. He then tried to rub some of it back on her and they ended up on the floor.”

It was alleged James, who has multiple sclerosis, suffered a torn ear which needed 13 stitches.

Evans, 45, of Cinderford, Gloucestershire, who denies assault, is to go on trial at Cheltenham magistrates court in July.

NOTE: Thanks and a tip of the hat to Kat Bennett!

Razor Blades Found in Kerrygold Butter Sticks from New Jersey Supermarket

bildeRazor blades were found in two sticks of foil-wrapped Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter, but they were the only incidents discovered in a food-tampering investigation that has been isolated to one Best Market store, police said. The makers of the premium-priced butter, the Irish Dairy Board, called it an “isolated incident” in a statement.

The razor blades were discovered after the purchases were made from the Holmdel store, said Or Raitses, vice president and general counsel for the chain of 18 stores in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. The tampered butter was purchased Monday and previously on Jan. 20, according to Holmdel Police Lt. Michael Pigott, a spokesman for the township police department. The food-tampering case is being investigated by Holmdel Police, Food and Drug Administration, Best Markets and the Irish Dairy Board, Raitses said.

Kerrygold was removed from the shelves at the Holmdel store but not from other Best Market stores, he said. However, all products have been carefully examined. Authorities are reviewing security footage from store surveillance cameras. Kerrygold is packaged in an aluminum wrapper and it is not encased in an outer cardboard box, such as cream cheese, which is also wrapped in foil.

“This appears to be an isolated incident involving one Best Market store,” said Mike Grossman, spokesman for the Irish Dairy Board. “We do not believe this tampering incident occurred during the manufacturing or packaging of our product. We have launched an investigation into this incident and are working with the authorities.”

“We are fully committed to the safety of customers and team members,” Raitses said. “We were shocked to hear about this and immediately had company vice president at the store to inspect every package. “Any customers with concerns about any product can return it to the store for replacement or full refund,” Raitses said.

If anyone has had a similar incident or additional information they should contact Detective Andrew Kret of the Holmdel Township Police Department at 732-946-4400 ext. 1713. “We are fully cooperating with all law enforcement agencies,” Raitses said. “We helped them out as much as we can.”

Police Hunt Butter and Cheese Bandit in Leicester

5737788-largeImage Via

Police have released CCTV images of a man they want to trace after butter and cheese were stolen from a community building.

A man entered the building in Meynell Road, Spinney Hill, Leicester, and took a box containing paneer [fresh cheese] and butter from a fridge.

The thief struck at 6pm on Saturday, December 12.

Pc Fiona Strang said: “Please take a moment to look at this CCTV image. Do you recognise this man?”

Contact Pc Strang by calling 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.


$1,300 Worth of Southern Breakfast Stolen from Father & Son Produce Market


SALISBURY, N.C. — Authorities said more than $1,300 worth of cheese, butter, eggs, bacon and ham have been stolen from a produce market in Rowan County, according to WCNC.com.

Rowan County officials said the crime was reported around 7 a.m. Monday at the Father and Son Produce Market in the 1700 block of Sherrills Ford Road.

Rowan County deputies said the stolen goods were valued at $1,387 and included cheese, butter spread, center-sliced country ham, country ham with bone, biscuits, bacon, eggs and sausage.