Cheese Dip Fight Lands Man in Madison County Jail


A Commerce man was taken into custody last week after he and his wife got into a fight over cheese dip. The man was charged with one count of battery FVA.

According to the incident report, the man’s wife told officer Chad Parr that the two had had a physical altercation but that it was “nothing major.” Parr noted that she had red marks around her neck and on her face, but she denied that the man choked her; however she did say that he wrapped his legs around her waist and would not let go of her.

The man told Parr they were arguing over cheese dip and it got out of hand.  The man said his wife came up and pushed him on the shoulder trying to get him to go to the bedroom and talk to her.

According to the man, she continued to try to fight with him and he grabbed her and held her on the ground. The man was then placed under arrest for battery as well as a probation violation out of Cobb County.


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