Angry Teen Smears Mom’s Car with Yogurt For Breaking Bong


It was her prized piece of paraphernalia. And when the bong was shattered during a fight with her mother before school, the 17-year-old Omaha girl was not just mildly upset. No, she blew a gasket and began smearing yogurt.

The dairy disturbance on April 23 was prompted when the girl’s mother attempted to destroy the glass bong.
The girl tried to restrain her mother from damaging the marijuana accessory, according to an Omaha police report. In the tussle, it dropped and broke.

The girl fumed. She punched her mother in the stomach and threw pieces of the bong at her, according to the report. She then distributed yogurt across her mother’s sport utility vehicle, screaming as she did.

As a police officer arrested the girl, she tried to kick him in the groin. The girl, ticketed on suspicion of misdemeanor assault, was taken to Immanuel Medical Center.

NOTE: Thanks and a tip of the hat to Kat Bennett!


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