It’s the Cheesiest: Cheetos Debuts Cheeteau Perfume


It seems like April Fool’s prank: Cheetos, the salty snack that leaves your fingers coated in cheese powder, has introduced a perfume.

Cheeteau, branded as the celebrity fragrance of mascot Chester Cheetah, smells alarmingly like Cheetos: buttery, with notes of sharp cheddar, but has been balanced with a hint of lemony sweetness.

The Daily News received a sample bottle — and eyes soon began watering all over the newsroom. “It smells like a college dorm room,” said one News tester. “It’s the perfect cologne — if you want dogs to chase you down the street.”

The problem, added one tester as he doused his wrists in the cologne, is a strong overtone of vanilla that gives Cheeteau a cloying sweetness. “What could have been an intoxicating cheese scent,” he sniffed, “instead has me smelling like a dessert Cheeto.” The scent was created by Demeter, the perfume company known for unusual eaus such as Dirt, Saddle, and the recent Pizza.

Cheetos has assured the Daily News it is no prank, but rather part of a quirky marketing plan.They are giving out hundreds of bottles of the scent today in New York and L.A. as well as more than 100 bottles on Twitter.



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