Clarabelle the Hijacked Holstein is Returned to Chesapeake Bay Farms Home


Stolen cow statue recovered from dairy farm: The life-sized, custom-made fiberglass cow was stolen from Chesapeake Bay Farms. It was recovered less than 24 hours later, on another property down the street.

POCOMOKE CITY — Call it a case of bovine intervention.

A Worcester County family had its life-size cow statue returned after it was stolen late Wednesday from their Pocomoke City farm.

Chesapeake Bay Farms owners Danny and Laura Holland installed the full-size fiberglass Holstein they call Clarabelle last spring. The custom-made statue is a landmark to help people find the dairy farm. They’ll even tell customers over the phone to “drive until you see the cow.”

“When we put it out there, we expected at some point that some teenagers would take it, because it’s tempting,” Laura Holland said. “We staked it down with a lot of wires.”

The Hollands noticed it had gone missing when a customer mentioned it to them, and found the wires holding Clarabelle in place had been cut. “So somebody went to a lot of trouble to steal it,” Laura added. “It’s big, it’s bulky. It’s as big as a full-size cow. If you saw it standing in the field, you’d think it was a real cow. It probably took two or three people. They must have put it in a pickup in the middle of the night.”

Police reportedly located the stolen statue standing in a flower bed on property just down the road from their Whitesburg Road farm.

Chesapeake Bay Farms is the only dairy farm in Worcester County. The family calls its creamery the only “cow-to-cone” facility in the area for ice cream production. The dairy also processes fresh cheese, milk and butter from its herd of 250 cows.

This Holstein hijacking was bad enough, but Laura Holland said it doesn’t top another livestock looting that once happened on their property.­“About 10 years ago we had 21 real cows stolen, so in the grand scheme of things, this is nothing,” she said with a laugh.


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