Decades of Guilt Put to Rest: Anonymous Pays for Chocolate Milk Stolen 56 Years Ago


EDMOND, Okla. — An anonymous letter penned to the principal of Clegern Elementary noted that the dishonest act was born of desperation, but the author still wanted to apologize — and make restitution.

Clegern principal Teri Cowden-Draper received the letter on Friday where someone took responsibility for stealing a carton of chocolate milk in 1958. Principal Cowden-Draper shared the letter with her students on Friday at an assembly, an excerpt from the letter reads:

“I have recently returned to church after a 25-year absence. One of the many things I asked God’s forgiveness for was this: stealing a carton of chocolate milk when I was in grade school there in 1958. I’m the oldest of six children and we didn’t have a dime to send with me to school.”

The contrite person also included $100 [in cash] to pay for the milk and forgiveness after so many years had passed.

“To have held on to this for all these years, and to pay it back this way is a lesson to all of us,” principal Cowden-Draper told KFOR.

The writer requested that the money go towards a student or student’s family that needs some small financial assistance. The principal said that the students will decide how the $100 is used.


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