Man Caught With Yoghurt in His Pants Says He Stole it to Appease His Abusive Wife

dendairy-drinking-yoghurt_zimbabwe“I am sure your wife will beat you up even more if she discovers this offence which you committed.” – Magistrate Gideon Ruvetsa

A man from Bulilima stole yoghurt from a supermarket in Plumtree Town to appease his wife following a domestic dispute, a magistrate heard.

Learnmore Ndlovu, 34, drew laughter from the gallery when he told the court he stole the yoghurt to make peace with his wife.”Your Worship, please don’t send me to prison. I stole the yoghurt out of desperation because I have a strong fear of my wife,” he said.

“I wronged her and we had a misunderstanding. Whenever she is angry she gets violent and beats me up hence I wanted to calm her down by bringing her yoghurt but I did not have the money that is why I stole it.”

Plumtree magistrate Gideon Ruvetsa heard how on January 29 Ndlovu walked into a local supermarket and stole a 150ml bottle of yoghurt, which he hid in his underwear. He ran out of luck when a security guard manning the exit intercepted him. On searching him, the guard discovered the stolen item.

Prosecuting, Medica Tshuma said Ndlovu shot past the till point after stealing the yoghurt and proceeded to the exit door without paying. “He was intercepted by Martin Moyo, a security guard who searched him following a tip-off from one of the merchandisers leading to the recovery of the stolen bottle of yoghurt,” she said. Ndlovu was apprehended and handed over to the police.

“That was a foolish thing to do for someone of your age. It is unfortunate that the offence you committed only earns you a fine but you deserve a custodial sentence,” Ruvetsa charged.

“I am sure your wife will beat you up even more if she discovers this offence which you committed. I hope you have learnt a lesson that two wrongs do not make a right.” Ndlovu was convicted on his own plea of guilty and fined $20 fine or four days in jail.


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