Man Attacks Neighbor With Gallon of Milk

blog-milkJeremy Stockton, 32, of 246 Main St., pleaded innocent Thursday in Circuit Court-Manchester District Division to a simple assault charge that alleges he hit a neighbor in the chest with a gallon of milk at a drugstore.

A police prosecutor sought a $1,000 cash/surety bail for Stockton, who is subject to a 72-hour probation hold because he was given a 12-month deferred sentence March 11, 2013, on guilty pleas to simple assault and resisting arrest.

In that case, in Salem, he kicked a door shut on a Rockingham County deputy sheriff trying to serve eviction papers, resulting in injury to the deputy’s right hand.

Stockton asked Judge William Lyons for a break on bail, saying: “I’ve got three small children at home.” Stockton also said he is unemployed.

Lyons set bail at $500 cash/surety and trial was set for March 11.



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