Man Sues McDonald’s for $1.5 Million: They Gave Me Only One Napkin With My Quarter-Pounder Deluxe


“I should have went to eat at the Jack-in-the-Box.”

McDonalds has made a new golden arch enemy — a California man is suing the company for $1.5 million because he says he only got one napkin with his meal.

Webster Lucas claims he was stiffed on napkins at the Mickey D’s in Pacoima, CA on January 29th after ordering a Quarter Pounder Deluxe. And, when he went up to the counter to ask for more, he was rudely rebuffed by the manager, who insisted he already got some.

According to his lawsuit, Lucas then retorted, “I should have went to eat at the Jack-in-the-Box because I didn’t come here to argue over napkins. I came here to eat.”

That’s when Lucas (who is black) says things got racist — claiming the manager (a Mexican-American) mumbled something about “you people.”

Lucas subsequently emailed the general manager to complain, insisting he couldn’t work because of the “undue mental anguish” he was suffering as a result of the napkin debacle, and says he was insultingly offered free burgers in return.

Lucas wants to super size instead — $1.5 million.


Decades of Guilt Put to Rest: Anonymous Pays for Chocolate Milk Stolen 56 Years Ago


EDMOND, Okla. — An anonymous letter penned to the principal of Clegern Elementary noted that the dishonest act was born of desperation, but the author still wanted to apologize — and make restitution.

Clegern principal Teri Cowden-Draper received the letter on Friday where someone took responsibility for stealing a carton of chocolate milk in 1958. Principal Cowden-Draper shared the letter with her students on Friday at an assembly, an excerpt from the letter reads:

“I have recently returned to church after a 25-year absence. One of the many things I asked God’s forgiveness for was this: stealing a carton of chocolate milk when I was in grade school there in 1958. I’m the oldest of six children and we didn’t have a dime to send with me to school.”

The contrite person also included $100 [in cash] to pay for the milk and forgiveness after so many years had passed.

“To have held on to this for all these years, and to pay it back this way is a lesson to all of us,” principal Cowden-Draper told KFOR.

The writer requested that the money go towards a student or student’s family that needs some small financial assistance. The principal said that the students will decide how the $100 is used.

Man Caught With Yoghurt in His Pants Says He Stole it to Appease His Abusive Wife

dendairy-drinking-yoghurt_zimbabwe“I am sure your wife will beat you up even more if she discovers this offence which you committed.” – Magistrate Gideon Ruvetsa

A man from Bulilima stole yoghurt from a supermarket in Plumtree Town to appease his wife following a domestic dispute, a magistrate heard.

Learnmore Ndlovu, 34, drew laughter from the gallery when he told the court he stole the yoghurt to make peace with his wife.”Your Worship, please don’t send me to prison. I stole the yoghurt out of desperation because I have a strong fear of my wife,” he said.

“I wronged her and we had a misunderstanding. Whenever she is angry she gets violent and beats me up hence I wanted to calm her down by bringing her yoghurt but I did not have the money that is why I stole it.”

Plumtree magistrate Gideon Ruvetsa heard how on January 29 Ndlovu walked into a local supermarket and stole a 150ml bottle of yoghurt, which he hid in his underwear. He ran out of luck when a security guard manning the exit intercepted him. On searching him, the guard discovered the stolen item.

Prosecuting, Medica Tshuma said Ndlovu shot past the till point after stealing the yoghurt and proceeded to the exit door without paying. “He was intercepted by Martin Moyo, a security guard who searched him following a tip-off from one of the merchandisers leading to the recovery of the stolen bottle of yoghurt,” she said. Ndlovu was apprehended and handed over to the police.

“That was a foolish thing to do for someone of your age. It is unfortunate that the offence you committed only earns you a fine but you deserve a custodial sentence,” Ruvetsa charged.

“I am sure your wife will beat you up even more if she discovers this offence which you committed. I hope you have learnt a lesson that two wrongs do not make a right.” Ndlovu was convicted on his own plea of guilty and fined $20 fine or four days in jail.

A Woman Jailed for Eight Months for Stealing Blocks of Cheese


A woman has been jailed for eight months for stealing blocks of cheese.

Emma Sabine, 28, stole blocks of cheese, make-up and clothes worth more than £1,000 from locations in Hastings between December last year and earlier this month.

Sabine, of Holmsdale Gardens, Hastings, appeared at Brighton Magistrates’ Court on Monday and pleaded guilty to five counts of theft. She was jailed for eight months.

Inspector Chris Veale said: “This sentencing sends out a strong message that persistent shoplifters will be prosecuted. It is encouraging news for retailers and local residents that persistent shoplifting can result in custodial sentences.”

Norwegian Olympic Skier Confesses to Stealing Yogurt in Sochi


Downhill skier Aksel Lund Svindal of Norway has a confession to make — he swiped some yogurt. Quite a bit, actually. And no, he doesn’t feel any remorse.

After days of lamenting about not having the breakfast treat up in the mountains, Svindal took matters into his own hands when he was in Sochi’s coastal cluster for the opening ceremonies, where he was a flag bearer for his nation.

While visiting the coastal village, he noticed a stash of yogurt and, well, indulged. “They have way more food. So I stole some from there,” said Svindal, who finished fourth in Sunday’s downhill race, 0.29 seconds behind winner Matthias Mayer of Austria.

Assault and Buttery: Wife is Accused of Injuring Husband with Toast and Butter


A wife has been accused of assaulting her husband with toast and butter.

A court heard Julie Evans first poured water over her husband James when he fell asleep on the sofa after she asked him to do chores. And the row is alleged to have escalated at breakfast the next morning.

Prosecutor Theresa Perry said: “She started an argument and threw her toast at him. He left as he felt she was being petty, but she grabbed a handful of butter and smeared it on his face. He then tried to rub some of it back on her and they ended up on the floor.”

It was alleged James, who has multiple sclerosis, suffered a torn ear which needed 13 stitches.

Evans, 45, of Cinderford, Gloucestershire, who denies assault, is to go on trial at Cheltenham magistrates court in July.

NOTE: Thanks and a tip of the hat to Kat Bennett!

Man Attacks Neighbor With Gallon of Milk

blog-milkJeremy Stockton, 32, of 246 Main St., pleaded innocent Thursday in Circuit Court-Manchester District Division to a simple assault charge that alleges he hit a neighbor in the chest with a gallon of milk at a drugstore.

A police prosecutor sought a $1,000 cash/surety bail for Stockton, who is subject to a 72-hour probation hold because he was given a 12-month deferred sentence March 11, 2013, on guilty pleas to simple assault and resisting arrest.

In that case, in Salem, he kicked a door shut on a Rockingham County deputy sheriff trying to serve eviction papers, resulting in injury to the deputy’s right hand.

Stockton asked Judge William Lyons for a break on bail, saying: “I’ve got three small children at home.” Stockton also said he is unemployed.

Lyons set bail at $500 cash/surety and trial was set for March 11.