Razor Blades Found in Kerrygold Butter Sticks from New Jersey Supermarket

bildeRazor blades were found in two sticks of foil-wrapped Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter, but they were the only incidents discovered in a food-tampering investigation that has been isolated to one Best Market store, police said. The makers of the premium-priced butter, the Irish Dairy Board, called it an “isolated incident” in a statement.

The razor blades were discovered after the purchases were made from the Holmdel store, said Or Raitses, vice president and general counsel for the chain of 18 stores in New Jersey, New York and Connecticut. The tampered butter was purchased Monday and previously on Jan. 20, according to Holmdel Police Lt. Michael Pigott, a spokesman for the township police department. The food-tampering case is being investigated by Holmdel Police, Food and Drug Administration, Best Markets and the Irish Dairy Board, Raitses said.

Kerrygold was removed from the shelves at the Holmdel store but not from other Best Market stores, he said. However, all products have been carefully examined. Authorities are reviewing security footage from store surveillance cameras. Kerrygold is packaged in an aluminum wrapper and it is not encased in an outer cardboard box, such as cream cheese, which is also wrapped in foil.

“This appears to be an isolated incident involving one Best Market store,” said Mike Grossman, spokesman for the Irish Dairy Board. “We do not believe this tampering incident occurred during the manufacturing or packaging of our product. We have launched an investigation into this incident and are working with the authorities.”

“We are fully committed to the safety of customers and team members,” Raitses said. “We were shocked to hear about this and immediately had company vice president at the store to inspect every package. “Any customers with concerns about any product can return it to the store for replacement or full refund,” Raitses said.

If anyone has had a similar incident or additional information they should contact Detective Andrew Kret of the Holmdel Township Police Department at 732-946-4400 ext. 1713. “We are fully cooperating with all law enforcement agencies,” Raitses said. “We helped them out as much as we can.”


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