Cheesecake Fund-Raising Fraud: Victims Told Money Would Pay for Funerals

Pastor_Turner_CheesecakePastor C.A. Turner speaking to reporter Jessi Turnure.

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“People are calling for their cheesecakes. Well, we don’t know nothing about no cheesecake!”

JONESBORO, AR (KAIT) — The pastor at Greater Dimensions Ministry in Jonesboro said a woman is [using young children to] falsely sell $20 cheesecakes in the church’s name. “People are calling for their cheesecakes. Well, we don’t know nothing about no cheesecake!,” pastor C.A. Turner said.

Pastor Turner said his secretary received a call from a woman Friday asking when she could pick up her cheesecake, but they did not know what she was talking about. “I have no idea where they came up with that idea, and I hate that people are losing their money in the community,” Turner said.

Pastor Turner said it started back in November, when one person opened her door to two little girls. “That’s what’s really getting people’s hearts,” Turner said. “Little children going out into the community, selling cheesecake, saying, ‘My grandma died of cancer and Greater Dimension is raising money for my grandma.'”

Pastor Turner said the girls then asked for $20 in cash or check to be made out to a specific person. Turner said his records indicate she has no affiliation with the church. “I’ve never heard of anything of the sort. It’s just crazy that people would use cheesecake, and use cheesecake to connect it to a funeral. It really didn’t go together,” Turner said.

“We don’t do anything door-to-door. If we’re going door-to-door, we’re knocking on doors, basically giving. We do a lot of outreach,” Turner said. “Any time we’re gonna do anything concerning a fundraiser, just to let the community know, we will send a letterhead, some type of signature to let them know what we are doing.”

Pastor Turner said six people have called his church, asking for their cheesecakes. “I hate it for the people who did purchase the cheesecake,” Turner said. “We apologize. We’re sorry. But people saying it’s in the name of Greater Dimension, this is not us. We didn’t do it. I apologize, and I hope you get your money back.”

If the persons responsible are out there, Pastor Turner has a message for them. “Please stop doing what you’re doing,” Turner said. “One of the Ten Commandments the Lord has given us is, ‘Thou shall not steal,’ and you’re basically stealing from people and hurting people’s lives. Please get it right with the Lord because when you hurt someone else, what goes around, comes right back around.”

Pastor Turner said the church has handed the case over to the Jonesboro Police Department. If you know anything about this, please contact police.



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