Market Manager Attacked By Whipped Cream Huffer in a Huff


FALMOUTH — A 29-year-old East Falmouth woman was ordered held on $1,000 bail Thursday on charges she threw a can of whipped cream at a Stop & Shop employee who was trying to prevent her from shoplifting.

Amber Wayman, of Homestead Lane, pleaded not guilty at her arraignment to charges of assault and battery, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, shoplifting and disorderly conduct, stemming from the Jan. 5 incident at the Route 28 supermarket.

The store manager accused Wayman of stealing hundreds of dollars worth of groceries in the past year and regularly inhaling gas from inside whipped cream containers, according to police.

When the manager tried to stop Wayman at the exit door, police said she began to curse at him and threw the can of whipped cream. The can nearly hit the manager, whom Wayman allegedly pushed in the chest before running out of the store, police said.

Wayman is scheduled to return to Falmouth District Court for a Feb. 20 pretrial hearing, according to court records.


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