Clumsy Criminal Steals Ice Cream, Leaves His Mail Bearing His Name and Address Behind


SALINA, Kan. (KAKE) _ On a list of things you’d expect thieves to go after, ice cream probably doesn’t make the cut. But one suspected thief in Salina went after frozen treats and ended up leaving something behind that led police directly to him.

A man broke into the drive-thru window at a Salina Dairy Queen and stole $200 worth of ice cream. “Novelties that we make here, our buster bars, our dilly bars, our DQ sandwiches. I couldn’t explain why he did what he did, I’m just glad that he got caught,” manager Tammy Stalder said.

Here’s where the story gets really good, police tell us the ice cream thief dropped a few pieces of mail in the parking lot next door. It was the burglar’s mail with his name and address on it.

“This isn’t the norm but on occasion this does happen that we’ll find items at the scene. In the past there’s been identification such as driver’s licenses found,” Lt. Sean Morton with the Salina Police Department said.

Police tell us after they went to the address listed on the mail, they found 30 year old James Commerford. They’ve already linked him to a second burglary at Salina plumbing business and say at that burglary he dropped a motel room key. Police searched the room and found items connected to the burglaries.

James Commerford is facing charges for the two burglaries, theft, criminal trespassing, and damage to property.


One thought on “Clumsy Criminal Steals Ice Cream, Leaves His Mail Bearing His Name and Address Behind

  1. no one does this!! what a set up!! .You know god will have his vengencence on you for setting this boy up AND YOU WHO ARE INVOLVED WILL BE PUNISHED MUCH WORSE THAN HE!!!!! IN GODS NAME IT WILL BE SO

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