Deputies: Son Punches Dad in Fight About Mac And Cheese


Alex Rossi (Source: Spartanburg Co. Detention Center)

LYMAN, SC (FOX Carolina) – Spartanburg County deputies said a Lyman man filed charges against his son after he was attacked in a fight about macaroni and cheese.Deputies said they were called to the man’s Hammett Store Road home about 5:30 p.m. Sunday where they spoke with the dad who said he was assaulted by his 20-year-old son, identified as Alex Rossi.

According to deputies, Rossi lives with his dad but does not contribute to the household. When his dad went to make some mac and cheese for dinner, the cheese packets were missing from the box, according to the sheriff’s office report. That’s when he went to tell Rossi to stop using all of the cheese packets, deputies said.

The two exchanged a few words and when the dad walked back inside, he said Rossi ran after him and punched him in the face and head, deputies said. The two ended up on the ground until the dad put his son in a headlock, deputies said.

When deputies arrived, they said they saw a bruise and cut on the man’s face and though Rossi said he had a shiner, deputies said he did not have any visible injuries. Deputies said Rossi also had blood on his hand that was not his. Deputies said the man said he wanted to file charges, so Rossi was arrested and charged with third-degree assault and battery.



Devon Police Report Crime at Their Own Station After Pint of Milk is Stolen From Fridge


Police logged the disappearance of a pint of milk as an official crime

Thirsty police officers reported a theft from their own police station — after someone made off with a pint of milk.

Officers were so angry when the skimmed milk went missing during a raid on their canteen fridge that they logged it as an official crime. Details of the “theft” are unclear but it is thought officers suspected a colleague of taking it to use in their tea or cereal.

The carton — which had a set of initials scrawled on the lid in an unsuccessful bid to deter thieves — was never recovered and the 2012 crime remains officially unsolved.

Devon and Cornwall Police were forced to reveal the missing milk probe following a Freedom of Information request. A spokesman for the force said staff are encouraged to report stolen goods regardless of value.

The pint was among more than 25 items reported stolen on force property between 2010 and 2013 – 18 of which were officially logged as crimes. The swiped belongings also included a tin of biscuits which went missing from Heavitree police station in Plymouth in February 2012. The only stolen object ever recovered was a missing car number plate.

A spokesman for Devon and Cornwall Police said: “We encourage all staff to report thefts regardless of value of which there are only a very small number as you would expect. “In the spirit of openness and transparency these details are recorded and made available to the public through freedom of information requests.”

Cheese-in-the-Shorts Shoplifter Loses Appeal of Prison Sentence

A Schuylkill County man who tried to shoplift a block of cheese by shoving it down his shorts has had his prison sentence upheld by the state Superior Court. Randy J. Ratliff, 43, of Pottstown, had tried, in vain, to convince the court to void the 7-month to 2-year prison term he received for the crime.

Ratliff executed the cheese caper at the Redner’s grocery store in Shenandoah on July 20, 2012, according to court records. He stuck the cheese in the waistband of his shorts, not knowing a store security officer was watching him.

Ratliff then picked up some other items in the store and was walking to the checkout counter when the cheese fell out of his shorts. He ran from the store without paying for about $15 in merchandise.

Shenandoah Borough police charged him with felony retail theft. On appeal, Ratliff contended that the felony grading of his case was illegal because he had not been notified that he would be so severely charged because he was a repeat offender.

Court records show that Ratliff has been the subject of about a dozen criminal prosecutions for various crimes in the county since 1994. In denying his appeal this week, the Superior Court found that prosecutors properly informed Ratliff that he was facing a felony count for the cheese theft because of his criminal record.

A county jury convicted Ratliff in the cheese case during a trial in April. He is serving his sentence in the state prison at Camp Hill.


Arizona Family Says Miraculous Crucifix Formed on Cooling Cheesecake


A Scottsdale, Arizona family on Wednesday said their cheesecake is a miracle.

When they pulled the dessert out of the oven, it cracked as it cooled. According to the family, the cake crack resembles a crucifix.

Family members say they won’t be eating the cheesecake. Instead they plan on selling it and donating the money to a local charity or church.

5 Pakistanis Arrested in Counterfeit ‘Butter’ Raid


BAHALWALPUR: Police on Sunday recovered 800 kilograms of spurious butter in a raid at a house. Five men caught preparing the butter were arrested.

The raid was ordered by DSP Malik Tanveer Ahmad and was supervised by Liaqatpur Station House officer Saifullah Khan.

The SHO said that the police had received complaints about a group of men who had set up a butter manufacturing unit in their house in Kachi Mandi. The house was raided on Sunday. Police said they recovered 800 kilograms of spurious butter prepared from hazardous chemicals and dangerous yellow dye.

Five men, later identified as Riasat Ali, Ata Muhammad, Muhammad Yaseen, Muhammad Ali and Muhammad Idrees, were arrested. Police said these men supplied the butter to small restaurants and small neighbourhood shops.

Police said the men told them that they sold the butter at Rs170 per kilogram. The buyers further sold it at Rs300 per kilogram. They said they had been selling it for years and claimed that they had not received any complaint from anybody.

Healthy Inspector Muhammad Ameen told The Express Tribune that samples of butter had been sent for laboratory test. The SHO said that an FIR had been registered against the five men under Sections 273, 272 and 420 (adulteration of food or drink intended for sale, sale of noxious food or drink, and fraud) of the Pakistan Penal Code.

Woman Gives Students Yogurt Injected with Poison


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LOUDI CITY, China, Dec. 21 (UPI) — Chinese authorities said a woman accused of delivering poisoned yogurt to an elementary school likely has a mental disorder.

The woman was arrested Friday in Hunan Province after 19 students became ill and had to be hospitalized, police in Loudi City said.

The 34-year-old suspect confessed to injecting herbicide and rat poison into the yogurt drinks, which she handed out to the kids as they walked home after classes on Wednesday, police told China’s Xinhua news agency.

Three of the children were in serious condition Friday, but doctors told Xinhua they and the other students would survive.


Montreal Restaurants Clash Over Stolen Poutine Recipe

CBC News, Dec 12, 2013 11:39 AM ET


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Planète Poutine et Cie owner claims L’Univers de la Poutine stole the idea for his signature dish featuring fried potatoes, hot sauce, mozzarella, and sour cream.

The owner of a Trois-Rivières poutine restaurant is threatening legal action because he says a competitor stole his name and copied his menu.

The owner of the restaurant chain Planète Poutine et Cie, Yves Junior Boissonneault, is unhappy a competitor opened its doors across the bridge in Trois-Rivières​ and called itself L’Univers de la Poutine — The Poutine Universe.

Yesterday, Boissonneault gave L’Univers de la Poutine five business days to change its name before he started legal proceedings.

Boissonneault claims that not only did his competitor copy his restaurant’s name, but people from L’Univers de la Poutine filmed inside his restaurant and started serving the same menu items.

Boissonneault is particularly upset that his competitor is serving a dish made from chicken wing sauce, mozzarella cheese and sour cream — a delicacy he says he invented.

“If someone started a restaurant and served its own poutine, it wouldn’t bother me. But to copy and serve poutine with the same ingredients, I can’t accept that,” said Boissonneault. Boissonneault is demanding his competitor change his menu and his name, or he’ll take him to court.

But L’Univers de la Poutine owner Alain Laflamme says that’s not going to happen. Laflamme says anyone can sell poutine and that Boissoneault shouldn’t worry because the restaurants are too far apart to compete. About five kilometres and a bridge crossing separate the two. “The people of Trois-Rivières do not cross the bridge. I didn’t even think we could compete with him,” said Laflamme.

Planète Poutine et Cie​ opened Trois-Rivières in February 2012 and was featured on Radio-Canada’s Dans l’œil du dragon, a television show that features aspiring entrepreneurs hoping to receive financing for their business ideas. They plan to open 14 restaurants by April 2014.