Carolina Woman Charged with Stealing Pizza, Ice Cream


Hunger pangs may—or may not—have led to the arrest of a Hendersonville, North Carolina woman Thursday.

Schrhonda Rayshelle Mills Parks, 39, of Salisbury Road in Hendersonville, allegedly broke into a home in Biltmore Park and stole pizza and ice cream.

She was arrested on felony charges of breaking and entering and larceny after breaking and entering.


Drunk 20-Something Breaks Into St. Paul Home, Steals Ice Cream Bars


Mijajean Jourdain, 22, likes to get totally wastoid, break into St. Paul homes, and steal food. Via the Star Tribune, this what Jourdain was allegedly up to on October 26:

Charges against Jourdain allege that she broke a window on West Cook Avenue and took a box of ice bream bars from a freezer on an enclosed porch.

The homeowner pointed a rifle at Jourdain and her male companion, but Jourdain fled on foot. She was arrested as she fled, and had cuts on her right hand, the complaint said.

Jourdain told police she started drinking at a friend’s house about 7 p.m., left about 11 p.m. and could not remember much else, the charges said.

According to the complaint, when police asked Jourdain if she remembered having a gun pointed at her, she laughed, said she didn’t remember much from the evening, and said, “Oh my God, I don’t remember that. I really need to quit drinking.”

Well, they do say the first step in fixing a problem is recognizing you have one, right?

Driver Dinged $4,800 Due to Dodge Dakota Dairy Disaster

blog-milkMichelle Chapman is trying not to cry over spilled milk.

The Surrey, B.C., resident was shocked to discover last month that a June fender bender she caused that left almost no visible damage to either vehicle escalated into a $4,800 writeoff. She was more shocked to discover the reason why. “They’re writing off the truck for spilled milk,” said Chapman, whom the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia is holding responsible for the claim.

The tale of the curious claim begins in June, when Chapman was stopped behind a black Dodge Dakota truck in her Chrysler Sebring sedan at a Vancouver intersection. When the truck advanced into the intersection, Chapman followed, but after she failed to see it braking again, she struck the vehicle.

“I got out of my vehicle right away,” said Chapman. “I checked his vehicle and there was no damage, I checked mine and there was a slight crack on my plastic licence plate cover.”

ICBC examined both vehicles about a month after the accident and estimated the cost to repair Chapman’s vehicle to be around $60. It found another $400 of physical damage to the truck. Chapman said she was surprised by the amount of damage ICBC found on the truck given that her vehicle was relatively unharmed, but what happened next left her at a loss for words. “About another month later, I got a call saying they were going to writeoff his truck,” she said.

According to ICBC, an occupant of the truck Chapman bumped had been passing an open container of milk to a child in the back seat when it was hit from behind. The jolt caused the passenger to spill the milk onto the interior of the vehicle. Because it was a hot day, the drink quickly spoiled, leaving behind a foul smell in the cab — foul enough that the truck was deemed a total loss.

Because Chapman was found 100 per cent responsible for the accident, ICBC informed her that she could either pay for the entire writeoff or see her insurance premiums rise. ICBC spokesperson Adam Grossman confirmed it was the spilled milk that ultimately caused the writeoff.

“It’s not uncommon. We have all kinds of claims and all kinds of liquids and fluids you wouldn’t even believe,” he said. “You can’t get smells out of cars, so spilled milk on a really hot and sunny day would cause a smell in the car.”

Grossman said customers may try to clean vehicles themselves after such a spill, but sometimes the smell just lingers. Even professional jobs that he said can cost thousands of dollars might not get rid of the stench. He said a vehicle owner in that situation would typically be given the option to get only the exterior damage fixed, or to be paid the vehicle’s market value.


Drunk Driver Ignored Traffic Stop To Finish His Big Mac: Police


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Sometimes, you just gotta have it.

An Ohio man who was apparently intoxicated and in the thrall of a late-night Big Mac attack reportedly led officers in a car chase Sept. 28, after blowing through a police checkpoint.

According to WKYC, Randall Miller eventually surrendered, and when he did, he admitted to officers that he drank 10 to 15 beers.

Miller reportedly told police that he didn’t stop at the checkpoint because he wanted to finish his Big Mac.

According to the Smoking Gun, a booze-soaked Miller apologized to the officer that pulled him over, saying he “was too drunk and he just wanted to eat his Big Mac before he stopped.”

Miller was arrested on charges including drunk driving and fleeing an officer. Police say his blood alcohol measured at more than three times the legal limit when taken into custody.


Man Attempts to Steal Sour Cream and Doritos

Guess he just wanted some chips and dip.

A man was arrested on Sept. 19, at the SuperFresh after he tried to steal a container of sour cream and a bag of Doritos.

The manager of the store told police that the man tried to leave the store with the items, but he was stopped by store personnel.

The man was arrested and the merchandise was recovered.

Man Named Fudge Accused of Stealing Ice Cream, Cakes and Cash From Cold Stone Creamery


A former Cold Stone Creamery employee has been accused of thieving ice cream, cakes and cash from the Iowa City branch where he used to work.

Conor P. Fudge, 25, left the business on August 27 but returned after hours on September 11 and 12 to take money from the safe and containers of product, Iowa City Police said.

Fudge was caught on security footage at the Dubuque Street branch of Cold Stone Creamery, the reported. The total value of money and product stolen was $501, according to police.

Fudge apparently used an unauthorized key to enter the premises, the business owner told police. He has been charged with third degree burglary and an aggravated misdemeanor count of third degree theft.