Divorced Dad Tries to Avoid Paying Child Support by Poisoning Ex-Wife’s Yogurt

A man was arrested and charged with attempted murder related charges after he tried to kill his former wife by poisoning her yogurt and chocolate, according to police reports in Israel.

Be’er Sheva prosecutors filed charges today in the District Court against a resident of Sderot, who tried several times to poison his former wife after he had a dispute concerning the payment of child support.

The man, 44, planted poison in his former wife’s food at her home and at work. He put deadly poison into her yogurt and her chocolates.

The defendant holds a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and is currently studying medicine and biomedical engineering. The suspect obtained a poison powder called picrotoxin, an extremely toxic substance, which causes spasms and loss of consciousness.

As part of his plan to kill his former wife, the accused sought information online about the poison. He was aware of its strong bitter taste, so he was looking for ways to neutralize or mask the flavor.

According to the indictment, the man put poisoned chocolates on the his former wife’s table at work and at home in her yogurt. Luckily, she tasted the food, felt a strong bitter taste, and immediately stopped eating the yogurt and chocolates.

The man was finally caught red-handed after his daughters saw him in the kitchen of their mother’s home with a syringe in his hand. They told their mother, who called police.


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