Woman Bites Into Cheeseburger, Finds Razor Blade


Willits, Calif. (AP) — Health officials plan to keep closer watch on a Burger King restaurant in Mendocino County where a customer reported getting a cheeseburger with a 2-inch-long razor blade in it.

Police officers in the town of Willits determined the one-edged razor blade resident Yolanda Orozco said she bit into on June 2 is the same kind employees use to scour the restaurant’s revolving flame broilers, the Santa Rosa Press Democrat reported Friday.

The officers also found several loose blades lying above the food preparation area, near condiments and on a counter. They think Orozco’s burger was spiked accidentally when a blade fell or was folded into the meat, Willits Police Chief Gerry Gonzalez told the Press Democrat. She was uninjured, and police do not plan to pursue fines or charges, he said.

Orozco called the police after she found the blade in a cheeseburger that two men had bought for her at the Willits Burger King. Officers confiscated the food and the bag it came in, and visited the restaurant the same night.

The Burger King Corp. issued a statement saying the franchise’s employees would receive additional food safety training. “Burger King’s strict food handling procedures clearly outline that razor blades are not permitted in or near food preparation areas at any time,” the company said.

Mendocino County Environmental Health Director David Jensen said Friday that inspectors “will be revisiting the Burger King in Willits throughout this year.”


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