Michigan Women Get Into Twist at Auntie Anne’s Over Nacho Cheese Sauce

Auntie_Annies_Pretzel_Cheese_SauceI guess it’s really nacho cheese.

A couple of Michigan women and an Auntie Anne’s employee could now be facing potential criminal charges because of a bare knuckle brawl that took place over the weekend over pretzel dipping sauce.

The fight broke out Saturday evening when two Eastpointe women – ages 19 and 22 – visited the business in the 400 block of West Fourteen Mile and ordered pretzels. Once they left the establishment, they discovered that they had been given a completely different dip than what they had ordered. No big deal, right? Wrong.

When the two arrived back at the store to complain, an employee allegedly told them that they were going to have to purchase new dip because they had already used a portion of the one they were given by mistake. That’s when the arguing ensued, and shortly thereafter, the gloves came off.

While it has not been made clear exactly which one of the pretzel brawlers is responsible for taking a simple food dispute and turning into a physical altercation, the police report indicates that that the employee is the one that took it to the next level by throwing nacho cheese all over the two women and some innocent bystanders. Man, talk about cheesy service.

What is known for sure is that the two women got ticked-off enough to try crawling over the counter to deliver a little whoop-that-ass treatment, and in the process, knocked over some restaurant equipment causing it to break.

A city attorney is now reviewing the case in order to determine whether any criminal charges should be pursued.


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