“Gallon Smasher” Busted For Prank At Hy-Vee Store



Nebraska man, 21, faces mischief charge for stunt

MARCH 29–A “gallon smashing” stunt at an Nebraska supermarket has resulted in a criminal mischief charge being filed against a 21-year-old whose prank was recorded by three of his buddies.

A vigilant worker at a Hy-Vee in Omaha spotted Christian Cain (seen at right) and his pals enter the store Sunday around 5:15 PM. Soon after, the employee “noticed Cain was carrying 2 gallons of milk, and the other males had camera phones out,” according to an Omaha Police Department report. Which, of course, could mean only one thing.

The Hy-Vee worker, Kelly Kayser, told cops that she “was aware of a prank known as ‘gallon smashing’ in which an individual throws a bottle of milk in the air, then pretends to slip and fall.”

Aware that tomfoolery was imminent, Kayser tried to keep Cain & Co. in sight, “but he and his friends eluded her and went down the cereal aisle,” noted investigators. Kayser subsequently “found him there with milk all over the floor and another customer attempting to help him up.” Kayser, 29, detained Cain and called police (Cain’s friends did not wait around for officers to arrive).

When questioned by a cop, Cain—whose clothing was wet—reportedly confessed, saying, “Obviously I did it on purpose.”

Cain’s “gallon smashing” resulted in nearly $260 in damages. “Splashing milk” ruined 65 boxes of Pop-Tarts ($148.85) and 27 boxes of cereal ($101.26). The two one-gallon containers of 1% milk were valued at $2.99 apiece.

Cited for misdemeanor criminal mischief, Cain has engaged in prior supermarket hijinks. A photo on his Facebook page shows Cain inside a freezer case, wedged between the glass door and shelves of ice cream. Cain’s Facebook page describes him as a “Server/Host at TGI Fridays.”


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