California Teens Drug Parents’ Milkshakes to Sneak Onto Internet

Vanilla_MilkshakeDaughter described family’s Internet policy as “too strict,” say investigators

Two Northern California teenage girls are accused of spiking milkshakes with prescription sleeping medicine to knock out the parents as part of an alleged conspiracy to skirt the family’s ban on home Internet use after 10 p.m., according to police.

The incident happened on the evening of Dec. 28 in Rocklin, Calif., a city of about 60,000 people approximately 21 miles northeast of Sacramento.

“The 16-year-old daughter and her (15-year-old) friend were at a house in Rocklin and they say, ‘hey mom and dad, how about we get you some milkshakes?’ They go to a local fast food restaurant and get some milkshakes,” Rocklin Police Department Lt. Lon Milka said Thursday. The teens then allegedly spiked the shakes with some sort of anti-anxiety medicine, Milka said.

The parents finished about a quarter of the milkshakes — which “tasted funny” and had a “gritty feel” — before pouring them out, Milka said. An hour later, the couple “passed out asleep,” according to police. The parents awoke with hangover symptoms, Milka said.

“They kind of put two and two together, and they said their daughter had wanted Internet access after 10 p.m., the time it was automatically cut off at their house,” Milka said. The daughter had described the family’s Internet policy as “too strict,” according to investigators.

After taking a urine drug test from Rocklin police, the parents “believed they got a positive,” and brought their daughter in for questioning, Milka said. The girls, one from Rocklin and the other from Roseville, were booked into Placer County Juvenile Hall on suspicion of willfully mingling a pharmaceutical into food and conspiracy. The teens’ names were not released.


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