Inmate Dupes Guards by Putting Milk Cartons in Jail Uniform, Escapes in Pink Underwear

KNXV_Adan_OrdunoPHOENIX – An inmate escaped from the Lower Buckeye Jail Sunday, tasting freedom for a few hours before Maricopa County Sheriff’s deputies recaptured him. Now his mom is speaking out and Sheriff Joe Arpaio is talking about how 26-year-old Adan Orduno pulled it off.

Adan Orduno has a lengthy criminal record and faces charges of firing a gun at police from a getaway car after a robbery at a Phoenix jewelry store last year. He was being held in the Lower Buckeye Jail’s Psychiatric Unit when he made his getaway. This jail has hundreds of security cameras and it is only seven years old.

So how did Adan Orduno escape? “He gathered many empty boxes of milk, used the black and white stripes over the milk cartons to indicate he was sleeping there to fool our detention officers,” says Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Orduno pried open some ceiling tiles and went through crawl spaces to get out of the jail and climbed over a barbed-wire fence to freedom. The sheriff says a man driving by, who claims he knew nothing about the escape, gave Orduno a ride to his mom’s house near 28th Street and Thomas. Orduno was only wearing pink underwear.

“He came and told me he got bailed out. I helped him get some clothes, cause he said he was going to leave and talk to me later, and he hugged me for a while,” says Regina Saldana, Orduno’s mother. Orduno left to meet someone at 7th Avenue and McDowell. Deputies got a tip and arrested him without a fight. “He is young and he has a whole life ahead of him. I am just praying he gets the help he needs, when you see child that struggles, lend a helping hand you know,” says Saldana.

Meanwhile, the sheriff is focusing on the audacious escape. “To to me this is rather bizarre but nothing surprises me in these jails, I mean people escaped Alcatraz many years ago,” says Arpaio. “So I want to know how this occurred. I am happy to have them back, I do not want to have this happen again.”

Orduno has been transferred to the higher-security Fourth Avenue Jail, where he will face escape charges in addition to his other crimes.


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