Chef Killed in Fight Over Cheese Fries

article-2201186-14F1A7CD000005DC-222_224x386article-2201186-14F1A781000005DC-350_224x386Brutal: Allan Glenny, 24, top, hit chef Ricky Guest-Binns, 44, bottom, with such force it killed him.

A chef was killed by a single punch in a takeaway when he intervened in a trivial dispute over cheesy chips [cheese fries], a court heard today.

Ricky Guest-Binns, 44, suffered a fatal bleed to the brain after he was felled by a blow to the side of his head from roofer Allan Glenny, 24, at the shop in Blackpool.

Glenny had complained to staff they had not melted cheese properly on a portion of chips he had ordered for his girlfriend and then exchanged words with several customers.

His victim is thought to have been ushering him out of the premises in the early hours of May 5 when Glenny turned around and swung a punch at him. Glenny was today jailed at Preston Crown Court for three years and four months after admitting manslaughter at a previous hearing.

Glenny, of Blackpool, handed himself into police the same day of the incidents and admitted he was the culprit. He confessed he drank ‘quite a lot of lager’, together with a number of spirits and also consumed a small amount of cocaine.

Joseph Allman, prosecuting, said Glenny told police: ‘I have ruined my life and some family over one punch. A few words have been exchanged and it’s just Blackpool, Friday night.’

Mr Allman said: ‘It is the prosecution’s case that Mr Guest-Binns did not do anything that could have provoked the assault upon him. ‘It is appalling this incident should have happened over whether cheese had been melted on the defendant’s chips.’


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