Police in a Lather Over Creepy Photos Showing Teens Licking Whipped Cream Off Priest


The priest, who is the head of a school in southern Poland, said the creamy ritual was a long-standing tradition of kids paying ‘tribute.’

Polish authorities have launched a probe about a possible perv priest after photos surfaced showing teenage boys and girls licking whipped cream off his knees during a bizarre “initiation ceremony.” The priest’s school, however, doesn’t see what all the fuss is about.

The creepy snapshots were taken during an ‘initiation ceremony’ for freshmen at St. Dominika Savio Silesian School in Lubin, southeast Poland. The shots show a group of boys and girls on all fours – some of them in cat make-up – taking turns licking white foamy cream off Father Marcin Kozyra’s knobby knees.

In one set, Kozyra is sitting in a battered armchair with a rod across his lap. In another shot, he sits on a grass hill and appears to be whacking a female teen with a stick.

Polish police got whipped into a froth after the school posted the pics on its website. “This is very disturbing,” Marek Michalak, the Polish government’s spokesman on child affairs, told Britain’s The Telegraph.

The school said the initiation ritual was a long-standing tradition at the school, and no one had ever complained about it before. “Surely the boundaries of decency and acceptable forms of bodily contact have been exceeded. I’ve ordered an enquiry and demanded an explanation from all relevant authorities.”

Kozyra, the school’s director, blamed the media for the uproar and insisted kids licking cream off a priest’s knees “as a tribute” was a long-standing tradition at the school, he told local media. He said nobody raised a fuss about it before, and school officials were shocked by the reaction they got after they posted them on their web site.

Polish authorities are investigating the incident, but aren’t sure a crime was committed. “It appears to be a storm in a teacup,” Father Alfred Leja, a parish inspector that oversees the school, told The Telegraph. “It appears to me that people are trying to distort this situation and make it look like some form of sexual abuse.”

So far, no charges have been filed, and local prosecutors aren’t sure a crime was committed, Polish media reported. Child advocates said the priest clearly crossed the line, even if the ceremony was all in good fun. “The children were manipulated into this. Limits were exceeded.” Monika Sajkowska, director of an abused chidlren’s charity, told Polish Press Agency.


Assault With a Deadly Weapon? Nope, Just a Milkshake

skd288671sdcImage Via

Call it the great milkshake caper.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office is looking for the motorists who tossed a milkshake out the window of a sport utility vehicle, hitting a bicyclist in the chest.

Investigators weren’t getting any breaks in the February case, so they decided Thursday to release video of the attack, a department spokesman said.

Charles Bard, 53, of DeLand, was riding on Julian Street near Minnesota Avenue on Feb. 23 about 4:20 p.m. when someone riding in an approaching black SUV tossed the shake – apparently vanilla – at him, investigators said. The location is north of Dubsdread Golf Course, near Interstate 4.

The paper cup sailed through the air and hit Bard’s chest with a thunk, video from a camera mounted on his bike helmet shows. Bard was not hurt, but he wants to press charges, a sheriff’s report states.


Chef Killed in Fight Over Cheese Fries

article-2201186-14F1A7CD000005DC-222_224x386article-2201186-14F1A781000005DC-350_224x386Brutal: Allan Glenny, 24, top, hit chef Ricky Guest-Binns, 44, bottom, with such force it killed him.

A chef was killed by a single punch in a takeaway when he intervened in a trivial dispute over cheesy chips [cheese fries], a court heard today.

Ricky Guest-Binns, 44, suffered a fatal bleed to the brain after he was felled by a blow to the side of his head from roofer Allan Glenny, 24, at the shop in Blackpool.

Glenny had complained to staff they had not melted cheese properly on a portion of chips he had ordered for his girlfriend and then exchanged words with several customers.

His victim is thought to have been ushering him out of the premises in the early hours of May 5 when Glenny turned around and swung a punch at him. Glenny was today jailed at Preston Crown Court for three years and four months after admitting manslaughter at a previous hearing.

Glenny, of Blackpool, handed himself into police the same day of the incidents and admitted he was the culprit. He confessed he drank ‘quite a lot of lager’, together with a number of spirits and also consumed a small amount of cocaine.

Joseph Allman, prosecuting, said Glenny told police: ‘I have ruined my life and some family over one punch. A few words have been exchanged and it’s just Blackpool, Friday night.’

Mr Allman said: ‘It is the prosecution’s case that Mr Guest-Binns did not do anything that could have provoked the assault upon him. ‘It is appalling this incident should have happened over whether cheese had been melted on the defendant’s chips.’

Man Charged With Murder in Dispute Over Cheetos in Downtown St. Louis


David L. Scott, 49, was charged today with second-degree murder and armed criminal action. Authorities say he argued with 42-year-old Roger Wilkes over the Cheetos and stabbed him once in the chest with a knife about 8:50 p.m. Tuesday in the 500 block of Washington Avenue. Wilkes died later at a hospital.

Police had said they believed both men were homeless, but gave an address for Wilkes in the 4000 block of Delmar Boulevard and an address for Scott in the 200 block of North Ninth Street. Police on bike patrol chased Scott and arrested him a few blocks away from where Wilkes was stabbed. Police say they also recovered a knife.

The stabbing took place near the Convention Center MetroLink station. Traffic had to go around the area for about an hour because police had crime-scene tape at both ends of the block. Court documents filed with the murder charge list multiple previous convictions for Scott, including robbing a post office as well as counts of burglary and assault.