Cook Seeking Revenge Serves Cop Bagel Filled With Turkey, Egg, Cheese and Hair


Cook Ryan Burke, 27, spent time in jail and on probation for serving up a disgusting sandwich to the police officer responsible for his 2009 traffic stop.

A New Jersey police officer won almost $14,000 for being served a bagel stuffed with pubic hair by a vengeful deli worker.

Officer Jeremy Merck’s civil suit victory follows a short jail term and probation for 27-year-old cook Ryan Burke, the Burlington County Times reported.

Burke, a former sandwich slinger for Good Foods to Go in Evesham, confessed in 2010 to putting his body hair in Merck’s turkey, egg and cheese bagel in retaliation for a 2009 traffic stop. Merck did not make the disgusting discovery until he had already bitten into the sandwich.

Burke was immediately fired and arrested on charges of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and retaliation against a public official. He spent 15 days in jail, but Merck felt that wasn’t enough, according to his lawyer.

“The officer felt strongly that the disposition of the criminal prosecution against Ryan Burke insufficiently resolved the issue of his conduct,” attorney Bruce Zamost explained. “His motivation was, and always has been, to send a message to any person who would entertain the idea of seeking retribution against public officials.”

The civil suit was dismissed when the two parties settled for $13,750, lawyers said Friday.

Zamost said the case demonstrated a general lack of respect for public servants. “There’s nothing wrong with questioning authority, but there are mechanisms in a civilized society to do so,” he said.


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