Angry Wife Found Husband With Girlfriend, Accused of Hit Him Over the Head With a Bag of Ice Cream


A woman was arrested after police say she hit her husband over the head with a bag of ice cream when she found him with his girlfriend.

Dawn Elaine Barran, 45, of Port St Lucie, Florida was charged with battery after she attacked her husband with the frozen treat earlier this month at a Walgreens store as he shopped with his current girlfriend. The husband had just purchased the ice cream when Barran grabbed it, and hit the man with it before she chased him outside and punched him.

The husband and the girlfriend were not identified by authorities. The pair were shopping at the store on July 1 when Barran happened to walk in to look for merchandise on her own, police said.

Barran started to argue with the husband as he began to make purchases at the cash register, according to a police report. They argued about the husband having a girlfriend, the report stated.

Barran took a bag of ice cream the man had just purchased and began to beat him over the head with it. The husband and his girlfriend then tried to leave the store, according to the report.

Barran, however, chased after them. She pulled the man’s shirt, punched him and struck him with her car keys. She continued to punch her husband as he repeatedly tried to leave the area, police said.

The husband suffered minor scratches to his left hand and chest. Barran was later arrested at her home.


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