The Hamburglar Lives! Bag of McDonald’s Swiped From Customer


After not being heard from in a decade, the Hamburglar struck Wednesday night in Austin.

And you thought the Hamburglar was nothing but a goofy-looking figment of Ray Kroc’s imagination!

Wednesday night, he made an appearance at a McDonald’s in Austin, Minnesota, swiping a bag of greasy goodness from a customer’s hungry hands.

Here’s how the Big Mac heist went down — according to the Albert Lea Tribune, the Hamburglar was loitering near the drive-thru window at about 10:30 p.m. on Wednesday when a McDonald’s employee reached out to deliver a $6 bag of food to a customer.

Timing his strike perfectly, the Hamburglar ran up to the window, grabbed the bag from the employee’s outstretched arms, and ran off.

The employee described the suspect as a skinny white male wearing baggy pants.  He has not been caught. 


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