Seahorse-Shaped Cheeto Auctioned to Support Non-Profit Group


A Virginia man is hoping a Cheeto shaped like a seahorse will bring big bucks to a Key West environment group.

Bidders on eBay have until Thursday evening to snag the bright-orange cheesy snack, being auctioned for Reef Relief, a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting the coral reef ecosystem. Early Wednesday, there were six bids on the Cheeto, with the highest at $28.00.

The man who discovered the Cheeto, Richard Schmidt, said he was on a dive vacation in Key West with his wife when they bought a bag of the Frito Lay snack. Schmidt said his wife put it in a jewelry box for safekeeping, and they decided to sell it for charity after he recalled a similar auction of a chicken nugget shaped like George Washington that sold for $8,100.

“I asked her to get that Cheeto, let’s take some pictures, and see if it can do some good,” Schmidt said in am email. “She agreed. We’ve sent numerous emails to Frito Lay to buy it back for $8,000 which I figured was a $100 discount to that chicken nugget.” Schmidt said Frito Lay contacted him but said they wouldn’t purchase the Cheeto back.


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