“Outlaw” Throws Stolen Cheese & Meat at Officers


MEMPHIS, TN – (WMC-TV) – He was born an Outlaw, but that’s now what landed one Memphis man behind bars at 201 Poplar earlier today.

A store clerk stopped officers in the 600 block of Chelsea and told them a man had just stolen ham, bologna and cheese from his business.

James Outlaw ran into Chelsea Food and Fuel and grabbed the deli meat and cheese, but was spotted by the clerk who nearly thwarted the theft by remotely locking the business’ door, according to court records. However, officers said the 47-year-old didn’t let the door’s lock stop him. They said Outlaw rammed the door repeatedly until it eventually sprang open.

Police say they later spotted him walking down the street, but before they could arrest him, Outlaw began hurling the stolen food at them. They say he even tried to punch one of the officers before finally being taken into custody.

The stolen food was recovered and, according to court records, returned to the store. James Outlaw is charged with trespassing, theft and resisting arrest.


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