“Outlaw” Throws Stolen Cheese & Meat at Officers


MEMPHIS, TN – (WMC-TV) – He was born an Outlaw, but that’s now what landed one Memphis man behind bars at 201 Poplar earlier today.

A store clerk stopped officers in the 600 block of Chelsea and told them a man had just stolen ham, bologna and cheese from his business.

James Outlaw ran into Chelsea Food and Fuel and grabbed the deli meat and cheese, but was spotted by the clerk who nearly thwarted the theft by remotely locking the business’ door, according to court records. However, officers said the 47-year-old didn’t let the door’s lock stop him. They said Outlaw rammed the door repeatedly until it eventually sprang open.

Police say they later spotted him walking down the street, but before they could arrest him, Outlaw began hurling the stolen food at them. They say he even tried to punch one of the officers before finally being taken into custody.

The stolen food was recovered and, according to court records, returned to the store. James Outlaw is charged with trespassing, theft and resisting arrest.


Cops Capture Kosher Cheese Con Man

Pomegranate_Supermarket_Cheese_NYDAILYNEwSA regular customer at a gourmet kosher store on Coney Island Avenue made a business out of swiping high-end cheeses and then reselling them to nearby Midwood stores — until the plan curdled and crumbled right in front of him, police say.

Detectives arrested Steven Schwartz on Feb. 9 for allegedly raiding the dairy aisle at Pomegranate three times in one week — crimes he would commit while nodding hello to store employees who knew him. “He’d come in almost every day — for the last three years,” Pomegranate employee Joel Eidliz explained. “Everybody knew his face, so nobody thought he [would steal from us]!”

But it was Schwartz’s familiarity with the supermarket near Avenue L that helped him fool the staff into repeatedly selling him more than $250 worth of high-priced cheeses for under $20 — or the cost of two gallons of carefully positioned milk, investigators alleged.

Eidliz said the curd coveter would fill up one crate with expensive feta, goat and assorted sliced cheeses and another with milk. Before reaching the checkout line, he would put his milk crate above the one laden with cheese and never reveal — or purchase — the valuable contents hidden underneath. Schwartz would then turn the cheddar into cheddar: he would pawn the cheeses at neighboring businesses along Coney Island Avenue, local merchants said.

“He would come around here,” said an employee at the Kosher Bagel Hole on Coney Island Avenue, who would only identify himself as Josh. Schwartz would come in claiming to have a great deal on food, but Josh said he never took him up on his offer. “Every once in awhile someone [like Schwartz] comes around and says, ‘I can beat [the other company’s] prices,’ but we always stick to our products,” Josh said.

It’s unclear just how long Schwartz was preying on Pomegranate, but the con came to an end when workers monitoring store surveillance cameras finally spotted the dairy devil at work. Detectives from the 70th Precinct were alerted and a warrant for Schwartz’s arrest was issued — a warrant executed sooner than you can say “cheese”: police arrested Schwartz at his next visit to Pomegranate, charging him with multiple counts of petit larceny.

But even cops were stunned by Schwartz’s cheese-snatching activities. “A crate of cheese every time?” a surprised NYPD spokesman asked us after learning of Schwartz’s arrest. “You can’t make this stuff up!”

Caught on Camera: Student, 17, Faces Criminal Charges After Wrestling Assistant Principal Over a Bag of Cheetos


“Cheetos went flying everywhere.”

An unidentified flying bag of Cheetos led to a brawl between a 17-year-old student and his assistant principal, school officials in Indiana say. Authorities with the Lafayette Police Department arrested the unnamed Jefferson High School student on Monday after he allegedly attacked the school’s assistant principal, Roger Francis.

The incident took place at approximately 8 a.m., as students congregated outside the school’s library waiting for class to begin. At that time, someone threw a bag of Cheetos, striking Assistant Principal Francis. As the administrator attempted to identify who threw the snack, he summoned the unnamed student to his office. But the student refused, instead attacking Assistant Principal Francis and grabbing him by the throat.

Lafayette School Corp. Superintendent Ed Eile described the scene. “Cheetos went flying everywhere,” Eiler said Tuesday, according to reports. “As to whether or not the bag was thrown at him, or why it was thrown in that general direction, we’re looking into.”

Footage of the incident was posted to YouTube, only to be removed shortly after. The student is suspended pending internal review. He could face expulsion as well as additional disciplinary actions.