Man Arrested When Police Find Whipped Cream Cans in Crashed Car


A St. Cloud man was arrested on New Year’s Eve after his car hit a pole. Just before 11:00 p.m., officers of the St. Cloud Police Department went to the 800 block of 2nd Street North where the incident happened.

Police say the driver, 23-year-old Steven Michael Johnson, showed signs of impairment including lethargic movements and very poor balance. Officers say they found several whipped cream cans in the car, which they believe he had been inhaling.

Johnson was arrested for driving while impaired by a hazardous substance. He agreed to a blood test and the results are pending at this time. Police say while searching Johnson they found a 1 milligram pill of Alprazolam, a controlled substance, for which he said he had no prescription.

Johnson was booked and released at the Stearns County Jail for third degree DWI and fifth degree drug possession.


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