Drugs Hidden In Nacho Cheese And Jalapenos: Border Patrol Finds $140,000 Of Methamphetamine At Tijuana Crossing


Be careful with this cheese sauce; it’s got a kick to it.

Border control agents arrested a man entering southern California from Mexico who allegedly hid seven pounds of methamphetamine inside cans of nacho cheese sauce and jalapeño peppers, according to The Los Angeles Times.

A U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer at the San Ysidro crossing with Tijuana detained a 21-year-old Mexican citizen whose 1999 Toyota Solara was laden with groceries, an agency press release said.

Border guards x-rayed the canned goods, because they “appeared abnormal,” according to a statement from the Customs and Border Protections office. The provisions seemed suspiciously heavy to the guards, according to an Associated Press report.

In each can was a package, either covered with liquid cheese or a spicy pepper residue, Police said the drugs were valued at $140,000.

The suspect, a resident of Oxnard, Calif., allegedly told officers that he traveled to Mexico to go grocery shopping. He was turned over to the Immigration Control and Enforcement agents.



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