Religious Zealots Trash Ice Cream Shop Claiming Licking Cones in Public Promotes Promiscuity


An ultra-orthodox religious sect trashed a Jerusalem ice cream parlour because they were disgusted by people licking cones in public, believing it promotes promiscuity.

The owners of the Zisalek parlour in the Mea Shearim neighbourhood had put up posters asking people not to consume the snacks in public and installed separate entrances for men and women.

But religious zealots from the ultra strict Sikrikim sect did not believe the measures went far enough and broke in during the night to vandalise the premises. Owner Guy Ammar said: ‘They had a real ball with us. But we were not deterred. Residents here told us not to give up and business is going well now.’

The Sikrikim are named after a Jewish group which 2,000 years ago fought against Roman rulers and suspected Jewish collaborators. They wear masks to hide their identity and strike mainly at night.

The Mea Shearim area is small, less than half a square mile, and home to about 30,000 residents considered among the most tight-knit and reclusive of Israel’s ultra-Orthodox Jews.


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