Evansville Police Incident: Melted Ice Cream Cake Leads to 911 Call


A birthday party turned into chaos at an east side McDonalds Tuesday night. According to a police report, a woman came into the store a little after 9 for a birthday party and asked the store if the ice cream cake she was bringing could be put it in the restaurant freezer.

Employees did so but when it came time for the tasty treat, the party-giver became enraged over its condition and accused a store employee of dropping it.  The restaurant employee, who indicated the cake was already melting when it was brought in, says she tried to reason with the patron, but things quickly escalated.

The employee told police the woman  threw the cake at her and other workers standing behind the counter.  According to the employee, when the angry customer saw her on the phone dialing 911, she left, followed by the worker who was trying to get a license plate number.

As she was talking to dispatch, the employee says the enraged customer came after her, knocking the phone out of her hand and slapping her.

The employee says she wasn’t hurt but needed a report for her manager and said she was hoping there may be video showing the suspect throwing the cake at her. The victim was given a case number and advised to call 911 if the suspect returned.


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