Kids Caught on Tape Stealing Ice Cream in Midnight Raid


ANDERSON, Ind. — An Anderson business owner said that four children broke into his ice cream truck about midnight Sunday. How does he know? It was all caught on video.

Mark Bragg, owner of Circus Time Ice Cream, said video captured by his security system shows the children approaching the truck near the intersection of 29th and Pearl streets on bicycles. Based on his observation of the video, Bragg said the children did not appear to be much older than 10 years old.

Bragg said he lost about $100 to $150 worth of ice cream, but his ice cream truck was not damaged. “How they were able to pry open the doors to the truck without damaging them, I don’t know,” said Bragg.

Bragg said his insurance doesn’t cover losses, but said he was more concerned about the fact that there were children out on the street unattended at midnight. Anderson’s juvenile curfew is 11 p.m.; ages 15, 16 and 17 have 1 a.m. curfew on Friday and Saturday nights. “Parents have got to rein in their kids. This is getting ridiculous,” said Bragg.

Further distressing for Bragg was the preparedness of the children during the robbery. Bragg said the video shows one of the children riding his bike up and down the street as a lookout. “For 10-year-olds, this was well planned out,” said Bragg.

Bragg said he notified police at about 10 a.m. Monday, but police did not appear to be interested in following up on the case. “The officer told me he was late for lunch,” said Bragg.

He said he even told them he had 15 minutes of video that captured the whole thing, but still no interest.

Anderson police Detective Mitch Carroll said Bragg’s police report is on file at the station, but said there was probably a miscommunication between Bragg and the officer who responded.

Carroll said that with temperatures well into the 90s Monday, officers had their hands full. Since it was reported that the incident was caught on video, Carroll said the case wasn’t necessary for an immediate response.

Regardless of what actions are taken by police, Bragg said he plans on passing out fliers around his neighborhood to alert others, and hopefully the children’s parents. “This should be a concern for the parents. Kids are out there breaking laws,” said Bragg.


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