Cheeseburger-Craving Cop At Center Of Collision Controversy

Columbia_Tenn_IntersectionImage Via

COLUMBIA, Tenn. –Two angry drivers believe a cheeseburger is to blame for a chain-reaction, injury wreck involving a reserve captain with the Maury County Sheriff’s Department.

The three car crash happened at the James Campbell Blvd. and Hatcher Lane intersection, one of the busiest intersections in Columbia. Drivers Jodi Turnbull and Douglas Hopkins said a reserve captain running his blue lights cut them off leading to the wreck.

Police Sgt. Tony Gray identified the reserve as Charles Oliver Mann, Jr. and said he was not responding to an emergency. “His statement said he was en route to the By-Pass Deli to get a cheeseburger,” said Gray.

“Well you need emergency lights for a cheeseburger?” Hopkins asked. His wife was injured in the wreck.

Mann could not be reached for comment.  But police said Mann told them he did not turn on his lights until after entering the intersection in hopes of navigating the turn safely.

The two drivers said Mann had them on well before that and they believe he used them to get around the heavy traffic en route to his lunch. With two conflicting stories and no traffic cameras catching the incident, police did not file any charges or write any citations.

Maury County sheriff Enoch George called the incident a highly-questionable used of emergency lights. He said he has spoken to Mann and that Mann will remove the lights from his car. Mann remains as a reserve volunteer.



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