Football Veteran Raheem Brock Using The Cheesesteak Defense


Former Temple University star and NFL veteran Raheem Brock says a cheesesteak is at the center of a controversy over his arrest on Philadelphia’s South Street. Brock talked to TMZ about the incident last week, when Brock was reportedly handcuffed by police after a dispute involving a bar tab.

The Dobbins grad told TMZ that he went with his cousin and a female friend to Copacabana to order some food. Brock says after the group placed the order, the woman decided she would rather get a cheesesteak from a place across the street. (Fox 29 was on South Street last week and interviewed people who served Brock at Ishkabibble’s.)

The defensive end says after Copacabana wouldn’t let the cheesesteak inside their facility, he left, believing he had canceled his food order there.

Police then confronted Brock. He tells TMZ he offered to pay $40 for the $27 bill, but the manager refused to accept payment.

Last week, the waitress who served Brock and his pals told Fox 29 that Brock was “sweet and laid back.” But a woman he was with had a problem. The waitress said a dish the woman wanted was no longer on the menu and she wasn’t pleased.

Their waitress says she repeatedly cursed, ran across the street and bought food at another restaurant, then brought it back to their table. Brock was charged with two misdemeanors: theft and resisting arrest.

Police say when they caught up with him on South Street, he folded his arms and refused to be handcuffed. The woman he was with was taken into custody but was not charged.


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