Parents Sue Disney, Say Son Suffered ‘Severe Burns’ From Nacho Cheese


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ORLANDO, Fla. — San Diego parents who say their 4-year-old son suffered “severe burns” from scalding hot nacho cheese served to them during a family vacation have filed suit against Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, records show.

In their suit, filed in California district court last week, Michael and Maria Harris said they were eating dinner at Disney World while on vacation in March when the cheese was spilled on their son’s face.

“The cheese was scalding hot and resulted in severe burns,” the suit says. The suit alleges that Disney served the cheese “negligently and carelessly” and made “no effort” to regulate its temperature.

The suit says Isaiah Harris suffered “permanent scarring, pain and suffering,” and his parents suffered “emotional distress” from witnessing it. In their suit, filed Wednesday, the Harris family asks for the medical and legal costs incurred as well as punitive damages and “further relief as this Court deems just and proper.”

A Disney spokeswoman said: “It’s unfortunate when any child gets injured. We just received notice of the lawsuit and we are currently reviewing it.”



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