Road Rage: Both Drivers Arrested in Case of Handgun vs. Yogurt

yogurt cupA road-rage incident on Interstate 95 on Friday afternoon has resulted in charges being lodged against two drivers.

The two men were headed south on the interstate in the Quantico area at about 1:45 p.m., said Sgt. F.L. Tyler, state police spokesman. Mark Shane Flannery, 51, of Port Royal was driving a 2011 Toyota RAV4, and Gerald Scott Williams, 42, of Raleigh, N.C., was driving a Lexus LS 430.

“Some kind of altercation happened between the two vehicles,” Tyler said, and it escalated to tailgating and jamming on brakes. When the two vehicles got side by side, Williams threw a cup of yogurt at Flannery’s Toyota, Tyler said. Flannery responded by holding up a gun, he said.

Both drivers then dialed #77–the number to report aggressive driving or suspicion of road rage–and each gave police dispatchers a description of the other. By the time the two men got off the highway at the Massaponax exit in Spotsylvania County, Trooper J.C. Jeanty was waiting. He arrested both drivers.

Williams was charged with throwing a missile at an occupied vehicle, which is a felony. Flannery was charged with reckless driving and with brandishing a firearm, a misdemeanor. Both were taken to the Rappahannock Regional Jail and placed under $2,000 bond.