Men Rub Melted Butter on Woman During Bizarre Florida Home Invasion

Butter_Melting_Molten_in_PanST. PETERSBURG — A family was held hostage at gunpoint … with a bizarre twist.

A woman was forced to melt butter, and one of two armed men rubbed it on her chest while robbing her home late Monday night, police said. She wasn’t injured, police said, because the butter cooled before she poureFd it on herself.

The woman said the men searched her kitchen cabinets for cooking oil, but couldn’t find any. They settled on butter and told her to boil it. Then, they duct-taped her mouth, hands and feet.

As one man searched for money, another removed the tape from her mouth and gave her water. He then ripped off her dress and rubbed the melted butter on her chest.

Authorities said they didn’t believe there was any sexual overtone to it. Still, the St. Petersburg Times is not identifying the woman because of the nature of the attack. Intimidation is commonly used during home invasions, but using hot butter is unusual, police said. Police think the invaders were looking for drugs.


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