Police Follow Trail of Empty Ice Cream Wrappers to Find Stolen Ice Cream Truck


Unless the music annoys you, who doesn’t like an ice cream truck? Apparently a thief or thieves couldn’t resist stealing one in Grand Rapids today.

Grand Rapids police this afternoon were looking for suspects after someone stole an ice cream truck in the 1700 block of Madison Avenue SE, then abandoned it a few blocks away at Dickinson Street SE and College Avenue.

The twist is that police found the abandoned truck by tracking ice cream wrappers, apparently found in the roadway.

“There were some wrappers that were leading away from the theft scene. Essentially, the officers were tracking the bread crumbs,” Lt. Wayne Wu said. “I think probably whoever took it removed some things from the truck.”

Police called in a tracking dog to try to find the suspects. Wu said it was possible kids took the truck.