Toledo Teen Stabs Mother in Cheeseburger Fight

Aaron Dean

blog-vergiedean Vergie Dean

TOLEDO, OHIO — A Central Toledo teenager is facing a charge of felonious assault after police say he stabbed his mother with a butcher knife.

Vergie Dean, 41, of 425 W. Bancroft St., was stabbed early Friday morning after coming home around 1:00 a.m. Police say her son, Aaron Dean, 18, was upset with his mother for not bringing him home a cheeseburger, along with the fast food she brought home for herself.

The teen attacked his mother, stabbing her in the right arm with a large butcher knife.  In the altercation, Vergie stabbed her son in the hand with another knife, according to authorities.

Aaron Dean fled the scene and was taken into custody a short time later on Prescott St.  He was arrested on charges of felonious assault, drug abuse, and giving false information. Both mother and son were treated at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center for non-life threatening wounds.


Man Arrested After Being Found Passed Out With Sour Cream on His Face


Early Thursday morning Brock Lawson, 23, of Limestone, Tenn., was found asleep in the passenger seat of his vehicle outside the Taco Bell on North Eastman Road. Kingsport police say Lawson, “had food thrown about his lap and his face had sour cream smeared all over it.”

The responding officer awakened Lawson and had him step from the vehicle. Police say he was lethargic and had difficulty following commands, prompting his arrest for public intoxication. A search resulted in nearly 1.8 ounces of marijuana in the pocket of his pants.

While being booked into jail, Lawson “continually grabbed his genitals and buttocks.” A cavity search was conducted, locating $105 in cash. Lawson allegedly said he was hiding the money because he didn’t want police to take it.

On Feb. 18, Lawson was arrested at Wendy’s, 10154 Airport Parkway, possessing four baggies of marijuana. He charged with driving under the influence, second offense, and possession of Schedule VI narcotics for resale.

His wife, Jessica Lawson, 29, was also arrested at Wendy’s. Police say she was hiding in her bra $890 in cash, two baggies of marijuana, and a bottle of Xanax.