Texas Cheeseburger Brawl Results in De-Pantsing


Rappers C-Stone and Paul Wall witnessed a brawl over a cheeseburger at a Texas Whataburger and videotaped the event, which includes a rotund man yelling “F*ck you and your cheeseburger!” and losing his gym shorts during a tackle.

The video from World Star Hip Hop depicts an irate Whataburger customer screaming “I asked for a f*cking cheeseburger! I want a cheeseburger!” at the flustered staff.

He then turns his rage to bystanders: “F*ck you and your f*cking cheeseburger you motherf*cker,” and “Come get some, I’m going to beat you all over those french fries, boy.”

A brawl breaks out; cheeseburger guy moons the camera; onlookers clink supersized sodas and cheer. “Only in Texas,” concludes C-Stone.


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