Texas Cheeseburger Brawl Results in De-Pantsing


Rappers C-Stone and Paul Wall witnessed a brawl over a cheeseburger at a Texas Whataburger and videotaped the event, which includes a rotund man yelling “F*ck you and your cheeseburger!” and losing his gym shorts during a tackle.

The video from World Star Hip Hop depicts an irate Whataburger customer screaming “I asked for a f*cking cheeseburger! I want a cheeseburger!” at the flustered staff.

He then turns his rage to bystanders: “F*ck you and your f*cking cheeseburger you motherf*cker,” and “Come get some, I’m going to beat you all over those french fries, boy.”

A brawl breaks out; cheeseburger guy moons the camera; onlookers clink supersized sodas and cheer. “Only in Texas,” concludes C-Stone.


Attack on Boss With Ice Cream Cake Leads to Charges Against Un-Friendly Employee


ROCHESTER — Police charged a local man recently after he allegedly attacked his manager at Friendly’s with an 80-ounce caramel Heath bar ice cream cake.

Adam Porter, 30, of 42 North Main St. Apt. 4, pleaded not guilty in District Court Monday to allegations of misdemeanor simple assault and criminal mischief.

Police Capt. Paul Callaghan said Porter was an employee at the South Main Street Friendly’s who gave his two-week notice late last year. His last day was Jan. 10, and at 7:30 p.m., he encountered his manager a final time.

Callaghan said the manager went to pick up a ringing phone, no one was on the other line, and when he turned around he unexpectedly found himself face-to-face with an “80-ounce sheet of cake.”

Porter allegedly threw the $22 frozen cake into his boss’s face, resulting in a bloody nose, Callaghan said.

Following a police investigation, Porter was charged on Jan. 31 with assaulting his manager. He remains free on $1,000 personal recognizance bail and is scheduled for trial on April 21. He is to have no entry into Friendly’s.