Court Rules McDonald’s Wrong to Fire Worker Over Cheese Slice


“It is just a slice of cheese.”
— Leeuwarden district court

A McDonald’s outlet in the Netherlands was wrong to sack an employee for giving a colleague a piece of cheese on a hamburger, a court has ruled. The waitress was fired last March after she sold a hamburger to a co-worker who then asked for cheese, which she added.

The fast-food chain argued this turned the hamburger into a cheeseburger, and so she should have charged more. But Leeuwarden district court ruled a written warning would have been more appropriate. McDonald’s was ordered to pay the former employee more than 4,200 euros ($5,900; £3,660) for the last five months of her contract.

The fast-food chain had argued that the waitress – who was employed at a branch in the northern town of Lemmer – had broken staff rules prohibiting free gifts to family, friends or colleagues.

But the court said in its written judgement: “The dismissal was too severe a measure. It is just a slice of cheese,” reports AFP news agency. The ruling comes days after McDonald’s reported an increase in net profits by almost a quarter in the last three months of 2009.



Collared: Catholic Priest Arrested Shoplifting Butter and a Sofa Cover

Father_Poole_ShopliftA Catholic priest from Christopher was arrested at 4:49 p.m. on Jan. 21 on alleged shoplifting charges at the Wal-Mart SuperCenter, according to West City Police.

The Rev. Steven F. Poole, 41, faces two counts of felony theft over $150. He serves as priest for St. Andrew’s Catholic Church in Christopher and St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Sesser.

Poole, who has a previous arrest for stealing in Missouri, was arrested after Wal-Mart store surveillance video caught him on camera failing to scan a $3.22 container of butter and a $60 sofa cover, police said.

Police said Poole then allegedly headed to the store’s bedding department and picked up a memory foam mattress. He returned to the self-checkout lane where he was allegedly observed on tape switching the pricing bar code, causing the $144.88 item to be scanned for $30.88.

Loss prevention personnel then stepped in, police said, and accompanied him to the West City Police Department. There Poole was found to be in possession of a laptop computer power pack, also allegedly taken from store, police said. Poole was taken to Franklin County Jail where he was released on personal recognizance.

Sad Aussie Opens Bag of Cheese Rings, Finds Only One Inside

Aussie_cheese-ringsA Darwin, Australia man opened a bag of chips and found only one inside. The Northern Territory News reports Phil Jackson, 54, of Wanguri, brought the Cheese Rings to work with him on Monday.

When he opened the bag he was stunned to find it contained only one solitary ring — barely a mouthful. “I was devastated,” he said. “I put it down to the GFC [Global Financial Crisis] — money’s tight, times are hard.”

The innocent snack attack victim had bought them in a large variety pack from a Coles supermarket.

Coles spokesman Jim Cooper said he would get a replacement pack. “We certainly aren’t in the business of giving people a single cheese ring in the packet,” Mr Cooper said.

Mr Jackson was philosophical, saying the day before he had gone to KFC to get a five-piece wing pack, only to find six pieces inside. “What you lose on the hurdy-gurdy you pick up on the roundabout,” he said.

Woman Convicted of Stealing Yogurt, Ordered to Learn Thinking Skills

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A WOMAN who stole a yoghurt from a shop in C[umbria] has been ordered to complete a 12-month supervision order.

Natalie Dockwray, 26, of Rutland Avenue, Whitehaven, admitted stealing the chocolate yoghurt from the store on Lakeland Avenue and a further offence of breaching her [Anti-Social Behaviour Order] ASBO by going into the shop.

Whitehaven magistrates ordered her to take part in a thinking skills course, pay 80p compensation and £85 court costs.

Pamela Fee, prosecuting, said: “The defendant entered the shop and was seen walking up to a shelf and putting a chocolate yoghurt in her jacket.”

The court heard that Dockwray left the area and walked to a house nearby. A PCSO had followed Dockwray who then put the stolen item in the bin.

Ian Nancollis, for Dockwray, said: “The Asbo prevents her from going in all but one shop in Whitehaven.”

Mr Nancollis said: “On that day, she had taken Benzodiazepine. She was a heroin addict for 10 years and is now on prescribed medication. She is keen to become drug free.”